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  1. B

    Dtc 212 & 214

    HELP. I have a 1994 Explorer that has the CEL on and puts out codes 212 and 214. The Ford mechanic said it needed a new PCM so I replaced it and still getting 212 and 214. I replaced the ICM and still 212 and 214. Any ideas? A couple of symptoms are that the tach sat at zero the other day but...
  2. T

    2003 Mountaineer - No power windows, gages, radio, chimes, etc. HELP!!

    I have read numerous posts on these items not working. I would like to share everything I have checked and ask what I should do next. 1. I tore the door apart and check the wires coming through the boot from the door to the body. I found a larger black wire that had been repaired before...
  3. Kiliona

    ICM diagnosis help, oscilloscope 1992

    Alright so here is the deal, I have a 1992 XLT. It started off having issues idling and starting especially when hot. From there it moved on to be very hard to accelerate from a start, right now the vehicle only starts half the time and is VERY low on power when it does run. I am an...
  4. C

    HELP!!!! - Rough running, SPOUT doesn't change timing - possible bad ICM?

    HELP!!!! - Rough running, Intermittent on cyl. 1&5 only- possible bad ICM? I have a 1993 Ranger 4.0L-OHV, 5spd, 4x4 It has been running rough, at idle, as well as at speed, for a little while now. It doesn't feel like it is down on power, nor is it a "dead" miss, but its not right. It is...