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  1. J

    Sometimes 2000 XLS won’t start

    Hello everybody! Ive been having a problem with my 2000 Ford Explorer XLS for the past few months and was hoping somebody on here could offer some advice. So sometimes when I go to start my Explorer the engine does not start whatsoever. Just the dash lights come on. I thought it was the starter...
  2. A

    Solved. 2012 Explorer won't start.

    Hello, I have a 2012 awd ford explorer. I drove to the gas station to get gas, jumped back in the car to start it and it wouldn't start. The symptoms I'm having are these: Ignition rapidly clicks when I turn the key, even after I take the key out of the ignition it still clicks for a good 5 -...
  3. U

    '04 Exp--3 stalls while driving, now "Check Charging System"

    So my 2004 XLT Explorer just recently started misbehaving. 3 times in the last week, the engine simply quite while driving at low speed (25-30mph), but never at higher speeds. Engine would restart immediately, no problem. No other issues or symptoms were observed...until yesterday. Now, while...
  4. M

    Ignition tumbler came out!

    New member with a 2010 limited. I got in and turned the key, and the ignition tumbler came out. A pin that holds it in place broke. Anybody know what the part is called?
  5. C

    '01 Sport Trac w/PATS ignition switch

    So it appears the lock cylinder is likely ok, and the actual switch on the column is ok, but behind the lock sylider is another 'switch' that the lock cylinder physically moves, and we think that's the problem child. I removed the plastic covers on the column but I cannot even SEE that little...
  6. M

    Help with Remote Start Install

    Hey all, I've been wanting to get around to installing a remote start system on my 2003 XLT 4.0 AWD. With winter fast approaching there's no time like the present. I was wondering if any of you could recommend a system and how exactly I go about installing it or any tips/tricks I should be...
  7. N

    Running Like Garbage

    Alright so all of the sudden my 00 Explorer (4.0 SOHC) has been running like garbage. It started when one of my cats got plugged (it sure shined a nice cherry red). Since then, I have replaced plugs, plug wires, and coil. They didn't help so I replaced the Crank position sensor now too. The...
  8. C

    2010 Ford Explorer XLT - Ignition Switch Fuse Continues to Blow

    I own a 2010 Ford Explorer XLT. The ignition switch fuse (#8) blows and we replace and try to crank and the fuse blows again. We replace the fuse and turn the key and everything works but when we try to crank it the fuse blows. I tried once in the morning and once in the evening putting the fuse...
  9. P

    Water In Spark Plug Well Solution

    I have been meaning to post my experience with this but keep forgetting. Got on here tonight and the top post was about this same issue. So I made a quick video. The only ignition coil I have had go bad was the number 8 cylinder coil. Which is the one that used to get water in it. The water...
  10. T

    No Spark on Rebuilt 4.0

    Howdy, so I've become relatively well versed with the 4.0 SOHC, I ripped one out of my brother's sport trac (2001) and I put it in my sport trac (also 2001). Mine had the very very common timing chain issue where they simply get loose and also my transmission was barely staying into gear on the...
  11. A

    Help! 07 Mountaineer. Seats move, sometimes won't start

    Hi. I just bought this used car. First I noticed that I can be driving and my seat will move positions. I can handle that. But then my airbag light came on. It does go off sometimes. Then 2 days ago my car wouldn't start. It made it loud clicking noise. It seemed to make noises in the dash and...
  12. J

    For Sale Set of 8 ignition coils - 4.6L V8 | 8W7E12A366AA | DG-508

    Brand new, OEM coils, purchased to put in my truck, engine ended up burning a valve and I got rid of it. Ford P/N: 8W7E12A366AA MotorCraft P/N: DG-508 $180.00 shipped
  13. D

    Ignition issue

    This has been a recurring issue for a while now. every so often the battery keeps sending power to everything after the engine is shut off as if the key were turned too far when powering down. I'd have to find the sweet spot that seems to get smaller and smaller each time I'd shut her down, and...
  14. W

    1998 Explorer goes dead as soon as you try and start

    Daughter has a 1998 Ford Explorer. As soon as you try and start it, it goes dead. I have found that I can disconnect the battery, and reconnect it, and everything goes back on until you try and start it again. I have put a voltmeter to the battery and it is good. I put the voltmeter to just...
  15. S


    Want to disable (factory?) ignition security setting.Ignition randomly disengages starter,then dash lights flash,cab warning bells ding & door locks latch.I have 99 Ranger XLT 3.0.Where is Alarm Module located? Assuming I find and disconnect to solve.
  16. M

    Turns over, won't run

    We recently got a 1994 Ford Explorer that didn't run for a year and the owner wasn't sure what was wrong. So far, we have determined it may be an electrical issue, so we replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, and the coil pack. After this replacement, more cylinders fired but t still would not...
  17. C

    Easy Tune-Up Question!

    Hello! Easy question, since I've owned my Explorer (5 years), I have yet to change the ignition coil pack. I am in the process of ordering everything for a nice OEM Motorcraft tune-up & am curious as to whether that is something that should be done or not. I don't have any issues with my...
  18. V

    Drop in Rpm on startup

    Hey guys, Ever since last winter, I had an issue that whenever I would start my truck, the rpm would climb as usual, then drop suddenly and climb back up to what I consider to be a normal rpm range (1000-1500). This problem got worse when it got pretty cold like below freezing temperatures (I'm...
  19. J

    10 Minute Ignition Delay

    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer. Whenever I turn off the ignition, I am still able to listen to the radio for another 10 minutes. Recently, I installed an aftermarket radio and this feature has disappeared. Is this really a stock radio related feature or can I re-enable it somehow? Thanks in...
  20. B

    New to Forum, need some advice

    Hi Guys, I just got a 2007 Eddie Bauer 7 passenger 4.0 Explorer with 90k miles. I drove it from Michigan to Colorado and enjoy how quite and smooth it is compared to my Ranger. It also gets better mileage which is nice. I have been lurking here from quite some time reading about the various...
  21. P

    Key wont turn to off position

    Hi Friends, So here is what happened... My 2000 Ford Explorer XLT (V6 SVOHC) Shifter snapped in two. Not a big deal. Ordered a replacement. Dropped the steering column pulled the old one out put the new one in... Noticed that the transhift cable housing was cracked so seeing as I was...
  22. R

    Starting Problems with 95' Explorer

    Over the past month or so I've had trouble with my Explorer starting. It cranks and cranks and won't start. Every once in a while it will crank and start. I took it to my local guy and he said it was the Ignition Control Module which I had him replace. Worked ok for a day or two and now won't...
  23. R

    Starting Problems with 95' Explorer

    Over the past month or so I've had trouble with my Explorer starting. It cranks and cranks and won't start. Every once in a while it will crank and start. I took it to my local guy and he said it was the Ignition Control Module which I had him replace. Worked ok for a day or two and now...
  24. P

    !996 Ford Explorer Ignition Lock Cylinder

    I just replaced an Ignition Lock Cylinder in a 1996 Explorer after reading the threads on this site. Oreilly had the exact match cylinder for 13.00. Had a local locksmith re-key to the original for 25.00 - all seemed well! Installed the new one - reconnected battery cable - car started...
  25. T

    Ignition key — computer problem?

    I lose my keys a lot. My '98 Explorer has keys with a transponder. They are expensive to replace, but that's life. Problem is, I lost another key and went to my regular locksmith to get a replacement — he's done it before. This time the Explorer would not allow him to make any more keys --...