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information center

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    Instrument Panel Information-Broken

    Hi all, My wife's 03 Explorer instrument panel information center has gone nuts. Initially, when I found that I could not clear "change oil" using the "info + reset" buttons next to the panel, I knew I needed to ask this forum for help ASAP. Now the measurement unit shows in km, not...
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    Info Center: Fuel Estimate Calibration?

    Hey Everyone, Every time I fill up my tank, the info center states that I should get on average between 380 and 390 per tank, but in reality, I get 330. Also, upon manually calculating average mpg, the computer info center is off by 0.5 (I average 15.8 and computer says 16.3). Is...
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    Information Center

    I just got one and wanted to install it. Well, When i took out the pocket, No wires were there to plug in. Where are they? Is there a set of wires that need to be plugged into the harness? One would think that if the option came with the truck the wires would be there. No clue.