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    Motorcraft OR Continental/VDO Fuel Injectors

    Hey guys, need some insight from the far more experienced members than myself. I am looking to replace all 8 fuel injectors in my 08' Explorer 4.6L. While looking at RockAuto the two most popular fuel injectors are the Motorcraft CM5183 and the Continental/VDO FI11360S. The Continental/VDO is...
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    Is there help to Replace Fuel Injector 4.6L

    Hello, I'm struggling to find any write ups on how to replace a cracked fuel injector I have on my 2008 Explorer 4.6L. Everything I find is for the 4.0L. Can anyone lead me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  3. 2

    4.0 sohc fuel injector questions / help for those with brakes locking

    Hi, all. New member here with a few questions for the pros, but I wanted to offer my experience on an ABS issue for those who may be having a similar problem. I recently purchased a 2006 Explorer EB 4.0 with 125K miles in need of some repairs for my soon-to-be 16 year old. The car appears to...
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    Cylinder 6, new sparks & coils. Still misfiring!!

    I'm driving a 2007 Eddie Bauer with 414,000 miles on it. It has been a company car with regular maintenance and mostly interstate use. It's really in great shape for the miles. So it started missing really badly and I went and got the code checked at o'riellys. Cylinder 8 misfire and both...
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    pissing out fuel out of exhaust haha

    so a while ago i would say a month ago my 1999 sohc sport started misfiring when cold and would run right after warming up. got a code for ignition coil malfuntion c. i replaced the wires and plugs last year so i just replaced the coil pack. it ran right for the last month until a few days ago...
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    URGENT Sport Trac Injector Removal

    Evening everyone, I have a 2001 Ford Sport Trac 4.0 SOHC that has a bad fuel injector on cylinder two. Has been misfiring so I checked the resistance, other injectors have sixteen, number two has nothing. I have been looking and havn't found any good information on how to change the injectors...
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    Need Help, car won't start

    Hi all, We just did a job on our 4.0 sohc 2003 explorer xlt. We replaced the driver side valve cover/gasket. In order to do so we had to remove the intake manifold, as well as many electrical, vacuum connectors, etc. We got the job done and everything put back together, but the car...
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    Idles weird when stopped.

    Hello, I just bought a Explorer XLT 94 it idled weird when driving in general so i started running diags. on it and i went and replaced the air filter and fuel filter and also the cap and wires and plugs now idk what to do next it is running alot smoother but it still bogs down when i am...
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    OOP's Let the smoke out of the engine

    Hi everyone, thanks for the help in advance. 96' Ford Explorer xlt 5.0 L I let off on the ignition too soon, sorta back fired (light one), after which a plum of smoke came out from under hood. Tried starting again, started right up. Loud suction now present rough surging at idle...
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    Fuel injector cleaning

    Has anyone used a cleaner tool like this http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/sjdiscounttools_2041_81980120 How did it work? I know off car cleaning is the best but how well do these type of tools clean? There is instructions on the can of seafoam for injector cleaning tools like...
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    01 XLS 4.0 fuel problem, please help!

    Like I said, 2001 XLS with 4.0 SOHC, the CEL has been on for a couple weeks, and a local shop told me I needed a new pulse damper and #6 injector, so I replaced them both and now the truck runs even worse. There is fuel leaking out of the port on the fuel rail, and I don't have any idea where to...