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  1. D

    2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 AWD (Ford Explorer) Engine Replacement

    I am having to replace the engine on a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 and am looking for any advice, recommendations, tricks and instructions. We've already grabbed a used engine from a local salvage yard. I should be able to get the instructions off of All Data but was wondering if anyone had any...
  2. mfitz725

    Adding Running Boards Need Input

    I was in the salvage yard today picking up a few things for my 94 XLT. I came across a 94 Eddie Bauer with a set of running boards. I am sure I could get them for a song but am not sure what would be involved in installing on my vehicle. Does anybody have any experience or advise? I would really...
  3. O

    2008 Explorer XLT Cloth to Leather seat swap out

    I purchased an 08 Explorer XLT with damaged rear 40/60 2nd row seat missing 40 2nd row seat and damaged drivers side seat. I was able to find leather full set of seats. The fronts seem easy enough to swap out and I was able to loosen the bolts without snapping off the heads. The 2nd row leather...
  4. C

    Radio Questions on VHF/CB

    I recently pulled my VHF radio off of my boat, and was hoping to use in in my Sport Trac. I heard that you need a license to run a VHF and if this is true I was wondering what course is required. Also if I can run a CB frequency or just stay with standard VHF, I have no experience with these...
  5. B

    Offroad lights install in grille

    Just was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how they mounted their off road lights behind the grille. I have been thinking about it, but I can't really figure anything out.
  6. N

    Will they fit? Parts from other "ford" vehicles in my '03

    Good Morning Everybody, Recently my local parts yard has finally become a u-pull it so the prices have dropped so I have started going to that one versus driving an hr to Baltimore and being mostly unsuccessful lol and its been good so far..I actually came across 2 lincoln Aviators and a...
  7. W

    Help Installing OEM Entertainment

    I just bought a 2004 Explorer for a family vehicle and to pull my camper this year. I have three daughters and need some entertainment for the road. My XLT has a sunroof and I found an OEM entertainment system for sale from a salvaged explorer. My Questions: The entertainment system...
  8. Ryobi door hinge installation kit & cordless plane.

    Ryobi door hinge installation kit & cordless plane.

  9. U

    Viper 5701 Flex relay...Where do I wire it?

    I have a 97 Explorer XLT, and I'm trying to figure out how to wire my Viper 5701 in. Does anyone have any idea where the supposed flex-relay wire is supposed to connect? I'm afraid of frying my electrical system, and I'd do pro install, but not for $200
  10. Always lubricate the O rings prior to installation.

    Always lubricate the O rings prior to installation.

  11. R

    Fog Lights on Base Pre 2016 Model

    Hi guys, doing some research Ive found this... Notice part 17D957A, there are two options, with and without front fog lights, each one with different pricing, I guess if someone with the base model orders the part with the fog lights, he'll be able to retrofit them. Wiring shouldnt be...
  12. Tensioner hardware installation kit.

    Tensioner hardware installation kit.

  13. R

    Install help New bilstein's upper single screw spinning

    in the process of installing new replacement bilstein shocks and i installed the two bolts to the lower control arm and started installing the single threaded upper shock mount bolt. Bilstine only supplies one nylon lined nut for this and low and behold there doesnt appear to be any welded nut...
  14. Wheel studs before & after installation.

    Wheel studs before & after installation.

  15. The copper lines require preparation before installation.

    The copper lines require preparation before installation.

  16. The compressor needs preparation before installation.

    The compressor needs preparation before installation.

  17. 4 inch PVC plug converted into a 3.0L rear main seal installation tool.

    4 inch PVC plug converted into a 3.0L rear main seal installation tool.

  18. R

    Best Way to Hook Up Amplifier

    Today I just sold my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT and got a 2007 Eddie Bauer Explorer. In my 2003 I had Two 1000W Amplifiers hooked up to the stock head unit (one for my aftermarket door speakers and the other for my two 12" subs. I had to leave my aftermarket speakers in the doors because I got rid...
  19. N

    2006 EB Cross Rail Installation

    I'm getting ready to install cross rails to my roof rack on my 2006 Eddie Bauer. I have had trouble with the dealership's parts department with ordering everything that I need. I have had to place three separate orders to get the necessary parts, I'm wondering if I'm still missing anything...
  20. D

    Problem installing engine on 2002 Sport Trac.

    Hello, I have been trying to install a used engine I just bought, the 6 Cylinder E 4.0L EFI SOHC on my 2002 Sport Trac. I set the engine in but I could not get it to pull tight to the transmission. It sits about half an inch or so away, no matter what I try to do. I was able to get some bolts...
  21. M

    '95 single din installation with Scosche Dash kit

    Help needed from someone, with experinece installing single dins in a 2nd gen explorer. I've bought the Schosche FD1327b dash kit for my new radio, but have a little trouble finding out how to do the right install (Even though it seems pretty much straight forward...) In the kit I have this...
  22. 4

    probelms after install of new head unit

    ok i just put in a new head unit using the original wiring harness and getting a adapter kit from wallmart no brainer there guys don't cut your old harness well when i put the speaker conect in i noticed it looked a little worn as in might be coming apart oh by the way this is own my 94 eddie...
  23. Top view of the inner tube installation tool.

    Top view of the inner tube installation tool.

  24. Side view of the inner tube installation tool.

    Side view of the inner tube installation tool.

  25. shock installation

    shock installation