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  1. 2

    Upper Intake Torque Specifications for OHV?

    I need to replace my upper intake gaskets that are leaking. I looked in my old Haynes manual and these are the torque specs. They seem kind of low with the upper intake nuts torqued to 12 ft lbs. While the studs to the block are torqued to just 84 inch lbs which is 7 ft lbs. The other torque...
  2. I

    Lower intake manifold

    Im replacing the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets becouse of a leak on the upper I just got the upper intake off and am now ready to remove the lower but I dont lnow where to start or what has to be removed im.feeling alittle overwhelmed can anyone point me to the next step
  3. N

    Lean code, Random Multiple Misfires

    Hi all...Im helping repair my sister-n-law's 2006 Explorer XLT 4.0 sohc v6. Its got "running lean" code and "random multiple misfire" code. Ive replaced the ignition "coil/box", intake o-rings, fuel filter, plugs and wires. It starts up just fine (when cold), then upon warming up, starts...
  4. J

    Can I replace a 06 intake with newer model year intake on a 4.6?

    Hello ya'll. I have a 2006 Explorer with a 4.6. The intake I currently have is the plastic top with the bottled on aluminum charge motion plates. It currently has a leak that I believe is coming from the charge motion plate seals. My question is, can I replace the intake manifold with one from a...
  5. 2

    4.0 sohc fuel injector questions / help for those with brakes locking

    Hi, all. New member here with a few questions for the pros, but I wanted to offer my experience on an ABS issue for those who may be having a similar problem. I recently purchased a 2006 Explorer EB 4.0 with 125K miles in need of some repairs for my soon-to-be 16 year old. The car appears to...
  6. 2

    Aftermarket OHV Intake Hose?

    Is anyone on here running one of these...
  7. M

    Intake Manifold Firewall Bolt Stripped

    I am working on my 2005 Ford Explorer XLT to change the fuel pressure and temperature sensor which is under the upper half of the intake manifold. Based on what I have discovered, there are 8 total T30 Torx head bolts securing the upper half of the intake manifold. I managed to get off 6 of...
  8. S

    2008 explorer 4.0 - DUBAI

    Hi All, This is my first post in this amazing forum, this is a great source of info I live in Dubai and I just got a 2008 explorer 4.0 and I really like the drive, I wanted to improve the engine performance without touching the stock engine and I guess this would be mainly on the intake and...
  9. T

    Help me identify evap service port?

    I’m looking for a replacement, it broke off and I don’t know the name of it or where to find. White quick connect from evap purge valve to intake I believe
  10. R

    Torque Specs Intake Manifold and Spark plugs

    2004 v6 4.0 SOHC (EBauer Trim). Searching for consistent info on what the torque specs for the upper intake manifold eight bolts are. The CD guide that I have has conflicting info, as the bolts shown are the Isolator bolts (9S479), but not the long threaded end bolts that are used to hold the...
  11. J

    99 5.0 Intake Vacuum Diagram

    I just finished digging down to put in new intake manifold gasket and replace some cracked vacuum hoses. Fire it up and will not run. I found that I have left a vacuum line open but have no clue what goes to it. Really don't want to yank this intake again! Does anybody have a good...
  12. ggifford

    Livernois Windstorm Cold Air Intake

    Installed for just a few weeks. Perfect condition. Retails for $330 from Livernois. Offering it for $230 including shipping. I have original sales receipt if desired. PM me if interested. Here is the Livernois link: Thanks!
  13. Q

    2002 4.0 issues - What's up everyone

    To start off I brought a used 2002 ford explorer xlt 4.0 6cyl. I had a engine put in and it ran good for about month I was driving it in city, so it was all stop and go until about 2 weeks ago. I was driving from NY to wv and cruised for about 100+ miles in the fast lane I tried to accelerate...
  14. R

    Rough & High Idle After Intake Manifold Swap

    2003 Mountaineer 4.6. I've posted a few items about assorted issues on this truck in the last month. The truck was running fine, but I recently changed my intake manifold because it was cracked and slightly leaking coolant into cyl. 5 spark plug well. I was a PITA, but I got it done and fired it...
  15. V

    Where is my coolant leak coming from?

    I have a '94 Navajo w/ stock 4.0L V6. I have a serious coolant leak that I suspect is coming from the lower intake manifold and hopefully not a corroded or cracked one. The vehicle was dry until I filled up the radiator so there is no extra pressure on the system and you can see where the water...
  16. SixPonies

    For Sale K&N Cold Air Intake For 2006-2010 Explorer, 2007-2010 Sport Trac

    SOLD! K&N 77-2573KP Air Intake (polished Aluminum pipe). Fits 2007-2010 Sport Trac V8 and 2006-2010 Explorer/Mountaineer V8.
  17. SixPonies

    For Sale: K&N Cold Air Intake For 2011-2016 Explorer

    SOLD: K&N Cold Air Intake For 2011-2016 Explorer SOLD: K&N Performance Intake Kit 77-2575KS. Fits 2011-2016 Explorers w/3.5L N/A V6. K&N 77-2575KS
  18. S

    1994 Ford Explorer air intake hose

    Mines got a nice hole where it attaches to the air filter housing, a new one is $120 online. Looking for a cheaper option if it's available. can't add *WANTED* in the title.
  19. S

    metal intake manifold 4.0 sohc

    I am going to start the process of detailing my engine bay. I am making a cover that bolts on to the inner fenders and goes around the back to cover the bulk of the wires and unsightly component. I will also be adding some chrome accessories. I was wondering if there was a compatible aluminum...
  20. T

    95 OHV K&N Filter Swap to 97 SOHC.. is it possible?

    So I have a K&N air filter and Intake on my 1995 ford explorer. However I was wondering if it was possible to put that Intake in My 1997 explorer. I am currently stripping the 95 back to stock and was wondering if anyone had rigged the Older K&N intake to fit on the 1997 to save me some money so...
  21. A

    Check Engine Light

    I have installed an aftermarket Spectre Air Intake on my 07 ST 4.0. I've gotten the check engine light and am wondering what I can do to remove it. Here's what I have. I bought the cone, tube, and everything else separately. The Spectre intake tube wasn't really designed for the ST so I had to...
  22. 2

    K&N Filter or Performance Intake

    I just bought a 2010 Sport Trac and i was wondering if anyone knew of any performance intakes on the market. I found one from KKM but couldnt find much for my 4L V6. I just traded my Mustang GT for my 2010 Adrenalin so i am use to there being a different...
  23. D

    2005 Lincoln Aviator Misfire Cylinder 5, 6 (P0316, P0306, P0305) Help?

    OK, so I have a 2005 Lincoln Aviator, comes standard with a 4.6 (just like the Marauder). I have replaced the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, spark plug, fuel filter, ran Lucas fuel injector cleaner, and replaced OEM coil packs with Accel coil packs and I still get a...
  24. M

    Hello evreyone I'm Trigga

    Hey guys I'm joining because I have questions and the internet can only tell me so much. I got a 96 explorer xlt 2WD explorer V8. Its only got 118,000 on it, no tranny problems, no rust, very clean and fully loaded. Its says "explorer" on top of the engine. Every video or step by step pictorial...
  25. 2

    Valve Cover Gaskets?

    Hey everyone. I'm going to try and change my valve cover gaskets this weekend and I have a few questions on the procedure. My Haynes manual says that you need to remove the upper intake manifold to get the valve cover off for 99 and later models. Is this really necessary? It also says to push...