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interior door panels

  1. Z

    First Post! Excited to introduce "Penny Merc" a tale of troubleshooting an EBAY no-reserve truck while traveling from PA to TX during COVID19

    Hi Yall, it's been a long hot day, sorry if I ramble. Today is day 8 of ownership and I've got a lot of the bugs worked out. BUT, it's been a rollercoaster so far. I put some pictures on here, but not sure how they'll show up for your reading mode so they are all attached, not inserted. I...
  2. M

    Looking to replace interior door panels, have a question on manual vs fullpower doors

    I have a 1991 explorer and i need to replace the interior door panels. I have manual doors, meaning i have to push locks and crank the windows. It is very difficult for me to find door panels that arent designed for full power doors. So my question is, can i buy the interior plastic door...
  3. M

    Rear inside door handle does not work

    The inside rear door handle i have found does not open the door but i can open the door using the outside door handle. I have checked the child safety lock and that is not the case. Can someone tell me how i should go about fixing this problem and approximatly how much it will cost?
  4. J

    Wanted interior door panels

    if any one knows a web site where you can order new or refurbed interior door panels pleas post the addres or link. thank you