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    Odd starting issue

    Been having an issue with my 05 sport trac XLT. On first start of the day I have no problems, runs great. Every startup after that in the same day is very rough, and just recently got to the point where it will die after a few seconds. If I feather the throttle for a second before it dies it...
  2. R

    Fuel gauge/light issues

    2002 Explorer. Intermittent failure of the fuel gauge and light on the instrument panel. This issue just started happening this week. Gauge reads empty and the warning light to check gauges comes on. No relation to outside temperatures. Seems to happen when the vehicle has been sitting...
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    94 Explorer ignition(?) problem

    I am stumped by an apparent ignition problem on my '94 Explorer XLT. There is power to the cigarette lighter and overhead lights but not the radio or instrument panel. Until I turn the ingnition - then there is no power at all. I changed out the ignition 2 weeks ago and everything seemed fine...
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    Intermittant Rough Idle HELP !

    Hi all, I purchased a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT with about 160K miles. I managed to fix all the issues except for two that are driving me crazy: 1. After driving the vehicle for a bit allowing it to heat up, park it and shut off engine. Wait twenty minutes and go to restart and it...