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  1. BrooklynBay

    Has anybody modified their charging system?

    My stock 7750 3G alternator in my 1995 van is rated at 95 amps which is low compared to more modern vehicles which use 130 to 160 amp alternators. I've looked into 350 to 370 amp alternators but they cost almost $500 which is a huge investment in a 25 year old vehicle. The reason why I'm doing...
  2. M

    assistant requested with selecting an inventor/

    Hello I am in the process of starting a knife sharpening company. The business plan is to make arrive at someone house and sharpen knifes which mean s that I have my own power supply. the alternator that I have on my Explorer is rated for 130 amps and is stock. I believe it is this one in the...
  3. J

    02 Explorer XLT help with install

    I have: 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 - 4x4 Diagram: --------need to hook up--------------------------------- 2 - 30A LED switches 1 - KITT voice box 1 - 30A ATC Fuse holder 1 - 15A ATC Fuse 1 - ATM Fuse Tap 1 - 15A Aux Socket 1 - 320W Xantrex XPower 400 Plus Inverter 2 - 1.3W 80mm...
  4. J

    Power Inverter Install How-To

    Decided to install a power inverter in my truck for camping and whatever else I might need it for. I decided to go with an 800 watt continuous and 1500 peak model. Parts Needed: Inverter 18' Black 4AWG Wire...
  5. 600/1200 inverter

    600/1200 inverter

    There's the inverter. Looks huge, but there's actually air space all around. I still made sure to remove insulation around it and bolt it to the frame for heat dissipation.
  6. Power Inverter

    Power Inverter

    This is the 400W power inverter that i mounted in the rear jack area. I ran 6 guage power all the way from the battery to make sure it had anough juice to power whatever i want.