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    Roof rack weight limit - can't handle two kayaks due to moonroof?

    Looking for some input from anyone who has attempted this on either the 2020 or previous models with the moonroof... I have 2 kayaks that I'd like to get crossbars and mounts for. However according to the manual the maximum recommended load with a moonroof is only 75 lbs. The combined weight of...
  2. D

    2014 Explorer -- front tie down for canoe/kayak

    Hello, I have a stock 2014 Explorer that I've had for a few months. Does anyone have suggestions to where I can attach a front tie down for a canoe or kayak? I have a yakima rail grab rack attached to factory rails although before that I put the canoe straight on the factory rails. On...
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    Slanted roof rack cross bars

    I just purchased a 2010 Explorer. I want to use the roof rack for carting my kayak. However, I noticed that the cross bars are slanted. I am not talking about side to side, but front to back. When I mount my Thule Hull-a-port racks they sit crooked and don't support the kayak as well. I...
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    2010 Ford Explorer. Tie down for Kayak.

    As a new member of this forum perhaps you can help me. I have not been able to find a place to tie the front rope to a Kayak on 2010 Ford Explorer. The front of the truck is weak or plasic, nothing to tie to but has a steel frame. Any suggestions other that a Bull rack on the front? I don't want...