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key fob

  1. T

    Programming Key fob issue

    I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLS and I’m having issues programming any key fob including my original one. I’ve bought several different kinds and none have been able to program. I am able to successfully put the car in programming mode but no response from any of them. I do have a sticker for a...
  2. J

    '96 Exp Starter Lockout bypass?

    Hey all, Well, I'm kind of at my wits end on this one. I've posted about this one in the past without much luck so here's the last shot. Long story... long: I lost the original FOB for the Exp. Now, this one has the factory security, which I thought was an immobilizer, but it's actually just...
  3. D

    Keyless Entry Stopped Working

    Hello all! Thanks for the add! Question, I've got a 2011 Ford Explorer. My remote start and keyless entry stopped working altogether. When we first got the car you had to be right up on it for it to start the car or unlock the doors. Over time it gradually got worse and then just stopped all...
  4. D

    Keyless Entry/Keyless Start Issues

    I've searched the web/google for my specific issue but I'm not having any luck and people keep directing me to do things that are irrelevant to the problem, so I turned here. My wife and I both have a keyfob for our 2013 Explorer Limited and have owned the vehicle now for about 2.5 years...
  5. K

    2016-18 Explorer PIU Key Fob Programming

    I have a 2016 Explorer PI that did not come with key fobs. It only has the old style keys. I bought an OEM key fob and was wondering what is the easiest way to program it for keyless entry? Is it something I can do myself, or do I need a dealer to do this? Has anyone been successful? Thanks...
  6. S

    Issue with 2015 Ford Explorer Key Fob

    I bought a new 2015 Ford Explorer Sport 3+ years ago - I've been using one of the two key fobs since I purchased the vehicle and the 2nd key fob has been sitting in a spare key drawer (I can't recall if I ever used it to start the vehicle). Last week I needed to let a family member use the...
  7. E

    Can't find key slot to start car

    2013 Explorer Limited w/mySync - I got a Key not Found Warning even though I had the key. The owner's manual told me about a key slot located in center console to use but I could not find slot. I looked in front of console and the compartment in back of gear shift... no luck. Pictures anyone?
  8. C

    Newbie in a pinch

    hello I recently purchased a 2016 explorer limited, not thinking I was screwing with the electronics and set the Mykey lock and now I can only turn my radio halfway up!!!! I have looked on the net for a fix but the vehicle was a rental an only came with one key, which I set as the mykey. Is...
  9. Rainlord

    Upgrading your old Explorer keys to something nicer

    I recently bought a used Ford Explorer 2012 XLT (in Europe) - with key starter, and when the dealer handed it to me I realized it has the very old style key that doesn't fold, and constantly pokes you in your pocket. It was also really beat up. As I have no easy access to a Ford dealer over here...
  10. B

    2005 Sport Trac - What is this called?

    We have a basic XLS, pretty much no packages, no keyless entry, no alarm etc. When we bought the car secondhand we were told this was a security device and to use this in case the car won't start. We assumed it was a Ford product. You press it once near the ignition and it lights up red, you...
  11. G

    Keyless Entry Alarm Remote Case Fob - In Four Colors!

    Available! Keyless Entry Alarm Remote Case Fob - Explorer 1998-2003, F-150 1998-2013, Ranger 1998-2011 :thumbsup:
  12. L

    Auto window rollup

    This: I want! Talked to a number of shops in my area- there seems no easy way to do with the Canbus system in our explorers. But apparently some guys had a module they were featuring at this year's SEMA show that's plug n play with the Canbus. Hopefully this...
  13. J

    Buying new Key FOB

    Hi all, just got a new Explorer limited this past weekend and love it. I got the keyless entry/ignition start. I am looking at buying a new key FOB and not sure which numbers on the key I need to match up to make sure the key works. There's an FCC number an IC number, and a few others. What...
  14. E

    Door Lock problems please help!

    I have a 96 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition V8. The key fob will only unlock the driver side door. The fob will not lock any doors but will arm the alarm. The manual lock inside on any of the four doors will not lock the doors however the driver side door will arm the alarm. When I use the rear...
  15. R

    Where is the programming plug to program my new key fobs?

    Ok I bought a new key fob for my '94 Explorer, 4-door, 4x4, and cannot for the life of me find the programming plug that is supposed to be behind the left rear quarter panel (with the jack and so forth). Am I getting warm or off in the weeds?
  16. E

    Key fob compatibility question

    just joined the forum! i just bought a 95 explorer eddie bauer and it came with one keyless entry remote. it has the old style remote and i was wondering if it was compatible with the 2000 and up remotes as they have the same functions on them. Thanks, Ben
  17. J

    2000 Ford Explorer North Face Key Fob Trouble

    Hello All, So here's my problem. My Dad currently owns a 2000 Ford Explorer North Face (X Reg) UK specification, and he's lost his original key fob. No problem, I thought, I'll just get a replacement, how hard can that be? :) Long story short, I found a US seller on eBay who sells a...
  18. M

    Explorer Limited '99 Will not lock most times! ಡ_ಡ

    Hello all, I'm new here. I'm experiencing some issues with my Explorer Limited '99 not locking using the key fob, driver or passenger lock switch or even the back switch. It works some times but most times I have to fiddle the back switch 20 times before the doors actually lock. They all unlock...
  19. 2

    Key Fob Range

    Has anyone else noticed or have the problem that the keyfob range is really poor or does not work? When returning to my vehicle after going into a store, it does not seem like it works at all to unlock the doors until I'm right next to the door. I noticed today that when leaving the car, it...
  20. L

    Non-Functional: Keyless Entry, Door Pad, Key Fob, Anti-Theft System

    A while back I replaced the battery on my 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. Prior to this, the keyless entry via remote and door panel were functional, as well as, the automatic door lock once driving, and theft deterrent system. However, once the battery was changed it seems as if no power is being...