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  1. J

    96 XL not going into FOB programming mode.

    Need some help figuring out how to reprogram FOB's for my 96 4x4 XL Explorer. I lost the original FOB for it and bought a couple replacements. Now, I've done searches online on how to reprogram them but it's confusing as I've seen instructions for reprogramming requiring the key to be turned off...
  2. A

    Replacing Intelligent Access Key with New Style

    Has anyone had any luck programming a new key such as the 2019 square style to a 2014? I don't like the egg style key and I was going to buy a new one for a 2018 explorer. I'm not worried about getting it cut. Thank you!!
  3. T

    Help me I'm new lol

    Ok so I just started on here and tryin to figure out how all this works is driving me crazy already. I have a 97 Explorer 2 door 4wd it's all stock right now except my system going to upgrade that later on, I have alot I want to do to it and I'll take any and all ideas. Right now I'm wanting to...
  4. T

    Flip Key and Frequency

    Hello everyone, I have a 2012 Explorer XLT with a single key. I'd like to add a second key (I know I will have to get it programmed) and what I would really like is a switchblade key. There are a few options out there, but all the keys I've seen for my FCC ID (CWTWB1U793) list OUCD6000022 as the...
  5. mfitz725

    No Start Issue 99 Limited UPDATED

    Hi everyone. I was having an issue with the Explorer SOHC 4.0 not wanting to restart when it was warm. Was cranking fine cold (other than needing new intake seals-thats next) and most times it took 2-3 tries to restart it when warm. Then suddenly one day it didn't want to start at all. I kept...
  6. J

    Backup Blade Key Missing - No Original

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a used 2011 Limited. I only received one key fob, and it's missing the backup blade key that fits inside the fob. I could get a second fob but have no blade key to make a copy. What are my options? Thanks, Jeff
  7. R

    Cant get in to program mode for the key fob

    Hello guys, First my excuses for my poor englisch, i am from the netherlands/ Amsterdam My name is Robert and im drivin a 2004 explorer . Love the car. From now on only american cars for me . I have one problem at this moment. I cant get in to the programming mode for the key fob. I...
  8. B

    Lost key for spindle keyway

    Hi, I recently started replacing my wheel bearings on my 93 Ford Explorer . And dumb me, I lost the key for the keyway in the spindel. I've looked all over for them with no luck.So I called the local ford dealership, and they have one for automatic locking hubs, mine is manual locking does...
  9. B

    2010 ford sport trac key fob mod

    I wanted to know if its possible to replace our separate key and fob setup with an all in one key and fob (used on a ford edge I believe) for a cleaner look. I've tried searching, but have not found anything relevant to a Sport Trac and specific details. I'm not sure it the all in one OEM key...
  10. T

    98 expedition pats

    1998 expedition , lost key , replaced with junkyard pat key and tumbler. theft blinked rapid for only about 1 minute instead of 15 as per key erase/program procedure. did three times no start help? built 5/98 some 98's need programmer some manual which are which ? forscan work?
  11. Z

    Unresponsive USB media

    I have sync 2 (myford touch) I can navigate the USB key, select music, but Unknown artist and unknown title is displayed, and no sound is coming out... A Master Reset was necessary in order to fix the problem. See the behavior here:
  12. S

    2013 Limited MFT forgot second key

    My 2013 Limited w/ MFT seems to be forgetful sometimes. It has the issue with the ambient light defaulting to the light blue color, but out of nowhere, it "forgot" my second keyfob. I had used it the night prior, drove home, parked, locked the door with the keyfob; but when I came back out the...
  13. G

    Key switch problem

    Hi, new to the forum. I have a 2008 explorer with an ignition problem also. Somebody replaced the remote unlock unit with a generic one. It works but the ignition switch is probably bad. The seat goes back and forth, with the slightest movement of the switch. Mostly pushing in or turning. This...
  14. K

    Drivers door, key chime doesn't work

    I know this had been asked a lot. I have read the threads, checking to see if it may help me to fix my issue. When the key is in the ignition, off and door is open, I think it should chime, when I open drivers side door, no interior lights, when the headlight is left on after you pull the key...
  15. R

    Drivers Door Lock Quit

    So, I'm having a problem, need some advice. When I bought the Explorer, the drivers door lock didn't work, it would if you tried unlocking it repeatedly by turning it back and forth, but mostly, it acted stripped. I got a new RKE remote about a month afterwards and it's been smooth...
  16. G

    Need a Replacement Key Remote

    One of the remote keys for my 2011 has gotten lost. I know its going to be expensive to replace. Before I go to the dealer and order another one, I thought I'd ask here just in case there is a better online alternative or something. Thanks!
  17. J

    Custom Flip key remote programming issues

    I recently ordered a VW style flip key (switchblade key) off eBay from a reputable seller. It has the key and the keyless remote fob bult into one unit. Upon receiving the key I took it to local locksmith and had the key cut. Lucky since I had two original keys I could program the 3rd using the...
  18. M

    Intermittent no crank

    Intermittently turning the key to the on position the dashboard lights up as normal but when turning key to the crank position nothing happens??? The dealer said they made the event happen and sold us new keys saying it was going into theft mode due to the chip in key going bad. That did not...
  19. J

    02 Explorer.........40 or 80 Bit Key?

    Hey, got a remote starter in, just need to bypass PATS. I only have 1 key and I need a 2nd to program the bypass, which costs $100 @ dealership. I found this usb module that only needs one key and a pc, but it can only be a 40 bit key to work...
  20. V

    Base Explorer key --> switchblade

    So I hated the standard key that came with my 2012 base explorer so I bought an aftermarket switchblade key off ebay, had it cut, and programed it myself. Really easy to do and so much better (IMO) than the standard key. Here's what I bought off ebay if anybody's interested...
  21. L

    Driver side Key!!!

    Ok, I've read a few of these before and a few of the how to guides ect. But it's a huge cluster of problems resulting from the drivers side door. At first (it must have seized) the drivers side key didnt turn really or you had to force it really hard, i'm assuming because of the use of the...
  22. H

    2002 ignition chrome guide fell out

    The chrome insert for the ignition that guides key into ignition has popped out. It appears that it has 2 channels that it would fasten back in place however I can not resecure it?
  23. T

    Removed Key but Engine Still Ran?

    I have a 1996 Explorer. I parked this afternoon and went to turn the ignition off. The key just rotated and even came out with no change in the engine running. I disconnected the battery and it still ran. I pulled the fuel pump relay out and the engine finally quit. I removed the...
  24. A

    How to: Program a replacement PATS key Ford Key Programming

    DISCLAMER Use manual PATS procedures at your own risk. EASE Diagnostics is not responsible for damage caused by the use of these procedures. These procedures may not work for all mentioned vehicles. Do not contact EASE Diagnostics for assistance in the use of these procedures. If you are unable...
  25. J

    What key style do you have?

    I have been having a problem convincing my key retailer that my 2001 Ford explorer has the same squarish key as the 2000 rather than the oval style of the 2002. Does anyone else have an 01 with the older key style?