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    Laptop code Reader

    Hello All Gene here in little town America (very little access to big city toys) Looking to turn my laptop into obd II reader, what software do I need? Also, where can I get a 'pre-made' USB TO OBD II connector? Is it possible to swap out the PCM to one that is tunable using my laptop? If...
  2. S

    Dealership programmers

    I looked around on this site and couldn't find much on programmers, specifiically whatever ford or mecury use at the dealership to change firmware on the ECUs. Do consumers have the ability to buy a connector and some software to then be able to make upgrades to firmware on the cars? I need to...
  3. laptop


  4. Laptop Mount with Accessory

    Laptop Mount with Accessory

    Just wanted to show you that you can bolt whatever you want onto the mount. I have friends that installed flushmount guages and stuff to them. This is my GPSMap which is connected to the laptop with Microsoft Maps and Streets.
  5. Center Console Bracket

    Center Console Bracket

    Here, you can see where the reciever part of the mount bolts to.