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leaf springs

  1. S

    Ford Explorer Rear Leaf Springs?

    Hey all, I'm looking for some after market rear leaf springs for my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT. I've found a set that I'm after, however, they're quite pricy. What's odd is that the exact same brand, same amount of leafs, lift, weight capacities, etc. for the Courier rear leaf springs is much...
  2. JungleSkunk

    ARB Old Man Emu Leaf Springs

    When looking at aftermarket options for a heavier leaf spring option for my 1998 XLT I came across a few threads discussing the ARB Old Man Emu stock and small lift (1.5") replacement leaf springs. I want to avoid custom leaf packs and welding so a bolt on replacement is preferred. An add...
  3. S

    Replacement Leaf Springs

    Wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what brand of replacement/aftermarket leaf springs to put onto my 2000 V6 SOHC XLT 4WD? Bought the truck used and immediately noticed that the rear would sag with even the slightest weight on it. Went to the dealer and they gave me "the...
  4. R

    Leaf Spring woes

    So I'm new to the 2000 Explorer sport, so when I went to replace my rusted thru shackles I just went to my local Autozone to get a set. Put my truck up on a life I have access to, and went to work. Ended up cutting them out - no biggie - but then the real fun started. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS...
  5. S

    Leaf spring bushings & brake pad springs for '04 Sport Trac

    Hi, I've been scouring the internet looking for rear leaf spring eye bushings and rear brake pad springs for my 2004 Explorer Sport trac with no success. I also need a company that ships internationally since I live in the Caribbean. Can anyone point me in the right direction urgently...
  6. S

    Leaf springs, shackles and squeaking suspension

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and looking for a little help/advice/suggestions. I've got a 2000 ford explorer xlt - recently picked it up from an old lady with low miles and i love it but it squeaks a lot. I'm already considering changing the shocks for a smoother ride since it's quite...
  7. S

    New to Sport Trac's - 3-4" Lift Options

    Owner of a 2001 Sport Trac and love everything about the entire truck. I am about 6' 4" and have finally decided that my Trac needs a lift because it is just sitting a bit too low for me. I frequently go hunting and would like to make my Trac more off-road friendly. Additionally, I go fishing...
  8. E

    Where To Buy Rear Leaf....

    Hello Just wondering the cheapest place to buy rear leaf springs. Would like them brand new thanks.
  9. J

    Looking to buy new shackles

    I need new shackles for my 1997 limited and was looking to see if anyone would be interested in selling a set. I was looking on doing a TT lift so i would prefer to get a set of warrior or some other brand or custom made ones that will give the 2 inch lift.
  10. 2

    Gangster Lean/Leaf Spring Sag Fix?

    A few months ago I noticed that my Explorer has the infamous "Gangster Lean", It sags on the left side by about two inches. I've searched and found out that it can be somewhat corrected by swapping the leaf springs from left to right and adding Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks. I'm planning on...
  11. L

    Increasing payload on 96 Ranger 2wd

    Greetings, I am sure this is a popular subject but just could not find all the answers. Severly rusted cab and leaf spring brackets are leading to modifications to rear suspension to increase payload. Would like to load up to 2000-3000#. Shocks are rusted also and will be replaced along...
  12. J

    question about explorer leaf springs

    How many layers are on a 1998 Ford Explorer V6 leaf spring?
  13. B

    Gangster Lean (Sway Bar, Leaf Springs or Torsion Rods first?) [PICS]

    Howdy All! I have the dreaded Gangster Lean on my 2000 AWD Mountaineer (125k miles). It's leaning 7/8" lower on the drivers side front, an:usd 3/4" lower on the drivers side rear. The tires were toast and it was pulling to the right, so I replaced all four tires and it drives more or less...
  14. C

    Torsion Key Lift?

    Ive got a 96 Explorer v6 4wd, stock. I want to know whether its better to go with turning torsion keys and adding shackles in the rear, or adding an add-a-leaf? will one be a better ride than the other? whats cheaper? thanks, Corey
  15. ragajungle

    Where to get center pin for mt Ex leafs?

    I looked at all my usual places (jeffs bronco graveyard, stengle bros) and cant find em.... I have leafs from a gen 1 explorer on my b2 and I mangled the center pins... I need a set so I can get the beast aligned before snow hits. Thanks, Mike
  16. N

    1993 Explorer Rear Leaf Springs

    Howdy, My rear leaf springs have finally flattened out (Literally, they're flat), and I am now contemplating replacing both springs along with the shackles and related items... My question are: - Would it be worth it to install an add-a-leaf instead or replacing the springs(I'm leaning...
  17. C

    links for leafs and shackles?

    I have been looking for hours and cant find the best site. Im looking to get 2 inches of lift in the rear. Any combination of springs and schackles. If anything I need a link to a pair of shackles that will give me 2 inches of lift and stock leaf springs. Then a 2 inch torsion twist to the...
  18. N

    how to replace leaf springs on a 1993 explorer

    Hello all, My explorer is leaning bad to the drivers side, upon inspecting the leaf springs I found that they are almost completely flat (both sides). I have to replace all 4 shocks and I figured that since I'm down there I should do the leaf springs too - (front springs were done in the...
  19. C

    Leaf Spring Upgrade for '98 Sport

    Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum and building my "new" '98 4x4 Explorer. As I was crawling under the Explorer the other day I noticed the Mono-leaf in the rear as well as a lot of bounce when driving over bumps around town. I was about to put on a WAR-153...
  20. O

    Leaf Spring Swap - Sport Trac to 2nd Generation Explorers

    Has anyone tried to swap rear leaf springs from a 1st generation sport trac (2001 to 2005) on to a 2nd generation explorer (1995 - 2001)? I researched a little bit about doing this and have found out the following information: 95-01 Explorer Distance from the Front Spring Eye to Center...
  21. D

    Please Post Your Shackle Schematics Here

    Hey everyone, I have a few posts about my '92 Sport on here, so some may know that I just finished swapping out rear leafs from a '97 EB V8 into my Sport. While this made the ride much nicer and smoother, it actually lowered my rear end about 1". I have the means to make a set of shackles from...
  22. A

    4 Door Leaf Springs on sport

    I was thinking about putting the leaf springs from a 4 door explorer on my sport and wasn't sure if all i needed to get was the leaf springs, or if i needed to buy anything else to put them on. thanks, austin
  23. A

    need help with blocks on '99 ford explorer sport

    I have a '99 Explorer Sport and im wanting to put suspension blocks between the rear axle and leaf springs but the leaf springs are under the axle. Are there any relocation kits i could buy to move the leaf springs on top of the axle?