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  1. 4wheeltom

    Extension housing leak

    Can the extension housing on the M5OD be removed with the tranny still in the truck or will it cause issues with the reverse gear components? Mine is leaking very bad and its a pain to add fluid every couple weeks. I don't really want to pull the whole tranny unless I'm doing a clutch and slave...
  2. L

    help! radiator leaking engine knocking

    So I just purchased a 99 ford explorer I was aware of the broken radiator and I know it pisses our coolant but also the motor has a slight knock in it ? Could thetwo be related or do I have a bigger problem on my hands Its 99 explorer 5.0 v8 xlt
  3. R

    2002 Explorer: Strange Leak

    2002 Explorer: Transmission "Cup" Loose and Resultant Leak I've had my Explorer parked most of the year and I start it up periodically and take it for a little run. Yesterday, when I ran it I noticed that a stream of coffee-coloured fluid was streaming swiftly at the rear of the motor. It...
  4. H

    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    Hey everyone I am looking for some input on what I should do about my wifes 2014 Explorer XLT with only 5k miles is leaking oil. First, I took it in for its first oil change with no signs of burning oil smell or leaking anything in my garage and to my surprise the dealer I bought the car...
  5. V

    4.0 OHV Oil Filter Mount: quick questions

    Hay explorer forums. I've got a 95' 4.0 OHV Explorer with a small leak that appears to be coming from the oil filter mount (not the filter). I've done some research and have even found another topic to reference. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=233462 What I need to...
  6. E

    Help, oil leak!

    Hi friends! My 99' EB X is leaking tansmission oil :( Do I need to take off the tranny to fix that? :eek: It has the V8 with almost 200k miles on it. Also I think rear axle is leaking because it is too moist but, I can't see any drop or anything Please this is driving me crazy! I will...
  7. B

    Stubborn Coolant Leak

    Ever since I've had my 1997 explorer, I've had issues with adding radiator fluid. After I flushed it and added new fluid, I noticed that the reservoir was soon empty after a day or so. I first thought that I maybe didn't put enough fluid in but I figured out that it started to leak at the...
  8. J

    ATF Leak 2008 Mountaineer

    Hello All. New to the form here, been a lurker for awhile. I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer Base w/ 4.0. About 138,xxx miles on it. Crawled under it preparing to do an oil change and noticed that I have an <<oil leak>> EDIT: ATF Leak. Did not get a good look the first time. Not to...
  9. R

    New member, problems already!

    Hey forum new member here. I'm a 22 yr old from TX. I just bought my first Ford today. A 2007 Ford Explorer with the V6 80,000 miles. After the 20 mile drive home I noticed some dripping under the car. I began prodding around the engine closer and saw a puddle dead center of the intake...
  10. B

    Transmission Issue

    Hi All- Im a new member to the forum and wanted to first say HI! I have a 1994 Explorer with 175,000 miles on it. About a week ago I was reversing my truck off of a steep incline. After, i was out I parked it and returned about an hour later. As I started to drive I noticed that 1st gear...
  11. M

    2013 Explorer XLT Fuel Filling Overflow

    I was pumping gas today, and for the second time in a matter of months, I noticed that when I clicked the pump to get the last drops, all of a sudden i hear liquid hitting the ground. I looked at the filling hole and nothing. I then looked under my car, only to see where gas had come out and...
  12. M

    Revving on own, used to run rich, unplugged MAf sensor...intake problem?

    So I've gone quite a few places and can't seem to fix my explorer. Not looking for a miracle, but though I'd share it's history with you guys and see what happens! One day out of nowhere, my '93 XLT started revving from about 500-1500 over and over again on its own. Only time it would stop is...
  13. K

    2013 Limited Fuel Leak

    I noticed at the beginning of the week that my garage smelled like gas. I had my husband look under my Explorer and discovered that it was leaking fuel on the passenger side under the back door. It is currently at the dealership and they have "ordered a part" that seems to be on backorder. I...
  14. 2

    Mysterious coolant leak. Experts needed.

    Hey everyone thanks for taking the time to read this post. My X is leaking coolant once again. First it was the radiator and one of the hoses, they were replaced along with the thermostat about a month ago. A new leak started a few days ago, it seems to be coming from the drivers side, right...
  15. R

    2013 Ford Explorer Limited Fuel Leak

    Bought my new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited in January 2013. I know the car is not broken in but every since I've received it, no matter how it was driven it gave me 14.2 mpg. Now it is April 2013 and I am starting to smell fuel leaking somewhere. I've taken it to the local ford dealership and...
  16. 2

    Coolant leak after engine turns off?

    Thanks for reading this, my Ohv X is leaking coolant pretty bad right now. I've had this problem for about 8 months now but never this bad. Whenever I turn the truck off it dumps coolant, it doesn't overheat though, the temperature gauge stays halfway. I always thought I just had to get air out...
  17. M

    Bad coolant leak!! Please help!

    Hi I'm max I'm new here. I have an 02' explorer XLT 4.6L that I purchased from a lady almost a year ago. I bought it with a bad coolant leak. I had that fixed there was a crack in the intake manifold (very common). I purchased the new IM at o'rileys and haven't had any problems with my explorer...
  18. D

    Ford Explorer 4x4 Oil Leak

    I have a 1992 Ford Explorer 4x4 and last night I smelled this burning odor, it stopped maybe five minutes after I parked. Later that night my truck gave out while I was reversing, I pushed it back into the driveway, put some oil in it and it worked. Once I turned the engine on.. the truck would...
  19. K

    hot air?

    I may be crazy but I seem to be feeling hot air blowing on my feet while I'm driving but I font have any heat or air on at all. Just seeing if anyone else has this problem.
  20. Spas

    '05 Trac leaking water from driver front?

    I seem to have purchased a very odd Sport Trac... Opened my driver door after two days of rain and had a river run out from my door sill :fire: Traced the leak origin to someplace under the dash (roughly straight back from the top of the dash fuse box to give you an idea of location). It's been...
  21. C

    water dripping

    I noticed water dripping from beneath the engine of my 2001 ford explorer sport trac this morning. I have other issues, with now 109K miles, and I know my "relationship" with my truck is about to change from being a great truck with not much happening , to what do I need to fix today or this...
  22. R

    Leak discovered - Could this be the dreaded radiator failure?

    Hi all, New to the forum after some lurking but I am not able to to find what I am looking for this time with searches. I know about the issues with the radiator in the 06 explorer. I have an 06 4.6L 8 cyl. It's new to me since last month. I bought it with an extended warr. through the Honday...
  23. B

    ugh dont know what else

    ok so in the last week my car overheated. i have changed the radiator thermostat water pump and all the hoses and it still is leaking coolant what else can it be????????
  24. S

    Minor overheat, now engine idles just a little rough

    Hi, A couple of months ago my wife got home from work and complained about smelling coolant coming from her 2004 Ford Explorer XLS (with the base 4.0 SOHC). I went outside to check and found a very large puddle (pool?) of coolant on the ground. Looking around I found a pretty big leak coming...
  25. B

    2001 Explorer Sport Questions

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Just a few things i need help with: 1. I lost about 3/4 of a quart of oil on my last 3k miles. Its not dripping oil on the ground at all. However, while i was under the car i noticed that oil was all over everything under the motor for the most part. It...