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    A/C Compressor won't stay on

    Whenever I turn on my AC I hear the compressor click on, then a second or two later it clicks back off and repeats itself as long as the climate control knob is on AC or MAX AC.... any ideas?
  2. C

    Can't find the evap leak.

    Alright, so I have and OBD code for an evap leak AND the check fuel cap light on. I started out by replacing the fuel cap twice and reseting the codes, but they pop back up the next day. Whenever I gas up the car, I get a strong smell of gas inside the cabin. I can't seem to locate the actual...
  3. N

    96 Explorer sun roof wont open and leaks inside

    I just bought a 96 Eddie Bauer explorer as a work car. The person I bought it from had tape up around the moon roof and said it was because the lining was starting to come off. I felt around the roof and felt no water so I didnt question it and bought this car. The roof wont open and i believe...
  4. F

    99 Ranger 4.0L with the possibility of an internal coolant leak.

    My Ranger has been sputtering around 40mph and 2000 rmp's, with rough starts in the morning. It has also been loosing small amounts of coolant and I have a lot of white smoke (steam) coming out of the tail pipe. I do not have any coolant leaking external. I have pressure tested the heads and all...
  5. T

    Windshield Leak Above Interior Compass...

    Has anyone had this problem before, and if so, how did you seal it properly? If I pry off the old silicone seal around the window, will it compromise the window fitment? I don't want to pay someone to fix this relatively simple problem, obviously. This sucks! Thanks for any and all...
  6. E

    A4LD problems

    My A4LD started acting strangely on me, It was reving incredibly high in first, and would not shift into 2nd until I had been at high rev for a couple of minutes. 2-3,3-OD shifts were fine though. I decided to do a filter/fluid change to see if it helped at all. After I changed the fluid I turn...
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    What is the Quickest Way to Fix Transmission to Radiator Hoses?

    My girlfriend was jumping my 2nd gen 5.0 Exploder and When I got under to look at it, there was Trans fluid leaking out of the two pipes going to and from the radiator. The leak is coming from the pipes themselves, not the fittings. I was wondering what the quickest way to fix this would be...
  8. C

    Antifreeze flowing from the overflow

    OK, this problem has been confusing me for some time now. It's a '92 Explorer XLT automatic. When I drive the engine temp shows it's pretty cool, then all of the sudden it will skyrocket and the heat goes out. When I pull over, the overflow bottle is pouring out antifreeze. Here is the list of...
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    01 XLS 4.0 fuel problem, please help!

    Like I said, 2001 XLS with 4.0 SOHC, the CEL has been on for a couple weeks, and a local shop told me I needed a new pulse damper and #6 injector, so I replaced them both and now the truck runs even worse. There is fuel leaking out of the port on the fuel rail, and I don't have any idea where to...
  10. B

    Cracked Radiator

    '06 EB Explorer - 4.0L V6 - 37.8K miles (1800 miles out of warranty) At 37,800 miles I notice a small pool of coolant under the driver side of the radiator. I take it to the local dealer and they inform me (after $75 diagnostic fee to pressurize the radiator) that it is a loose hose clamp and...
  11. X

    Lower Intake gasket ? Steam from Fuel inj.

    4.0 SOHC Motor (kinda new.. I replaced it myself) Guys, A little history... then the issue. It was a HOT day and I was driving her pretty hard. The coolant had been boiling out (not sure from where), but I would have to refill it with coolant about twice a day. This went on for about...