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leaking coolant

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    HELP! Mysterious Coolant Leak From Transmission?

    Hello all! I’ve got a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6l V8 (3rd generation I believe), and have a coolant leak that I cannot source. It seems to be dripping down from the top of my transmission (closest to engine), both while the car is running and while not running. I am loosing enough coolant to the...
  2. L

    Coolant Leak on Front of Engine (2007 4.6L V8 Mountaineer)

    Hi everyone. Over the past few months I noticed a very small amount off coolant on my driveway when the vehicle cools down after a long drive. It was never a concerning amount and due to the vehicles age I was not too concerned. I monitored the reservoir and it never reached a low level...
  3. M

    The Dreaded Leaking Thermostat Housing...

    I recently did my intake manifold gaskets and while I was there, I replaced the stupid leaking upper thermostat housing. It had been leaking around the gasket for some time and with coolant at $20 per now, I figured it was a good $15 investment. All said and done, I buttoned it all up and...
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    Leaking coolant from plastic tank

    Hi Guys, hope someone can help me! I have a 1997 4.0 V6 SOHC Explorer (bought back in 2008). A couple of days ago I noticed a small coolant leak in the area of the lower connection of the transmission oil cooler. After searching this forum I found a thread about tranny fluid leak in the...
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    Leaking Antifreeze, please help

    Okay so I had a coolant flush about 2 months ago, admittedly I am not sure what type of antifreeze is standard for an 04 explorer but it had green in it and they replaced it with orange. However, for the last 3 weeks or so, even though they flushed it and filled it with orange antifreeze, only...
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    Engine Coolant Leaking after replacing hose clamp

    Hello All, I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT. Today I noticed that there was coolant leaking on the lower radiator hose at the clamp. So I went out and bought a new clamp and replaced it. Now I Refilled with new coolant. After I turn on the truck there are no leaks. However after it runs for...
  7. W

    Coolant Leak---What is this part?

    Okay, so I smelled coolant while I was driving couple weeks ago, burnt coolant, and have now found the leak. The coolant is leaking out and dripping onto a hot part of the engine which is giving me the burnt smell. Anyway here is pics of the leak. What is this round thing on top, and what is the...
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    Coolant Leak, Intake Manifold?

    Hi all, I seem to have developed a moderate coolant leak on my 94 Explorer. After removing the air intake duct I was able to identify what I believe is the source. Maybe someone can confirm if this is indeed caused by a bad intake gasket: If it is, any guidance on fixing the problem...
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    coolant fluid leak out back of engine

    so my 2000 explorer XLS overheated on my wife today, i went to where she turned it off and noticed it was low on coolant fluid, i filled it up and had her start it and drive home, when we got home it started pissin all over the driveway. i peaked through the wheel well and saw it squirting out...
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    What is this part ASAP! Help!

    I haven't taken any hoses off yet but what is this adapter called its leaking coolant.