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leaking differential

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    Front Differential cover gasket leak

    All right I just Installed a 2" lift, no problems. But when I jacked it back up the next day to change the tie rod ends I noticed that I had oil POURING out of my front differential. I used the jack points I've always used and had the jack stands in the same place. I'm trying to figure out A...
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    Leaking Rear Differential/ Axel

    Hey there, I would appreciate any help at all! I drive a 2004 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 Vin K and ive been having a heck of a time lately, just fixed a leaking transmission, then fixed a leaking front differential pinion seal, now I noticed the rear differential is leaking where the passenger side...
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    Leaking front differential

    I'm admittedly not a mechanic but have had a lot of free time this summer and have been trying to become as self sufficient as possible. For the longest time I thought i had a small engine oil leak (a couple drops a week maybe). Finally got bored and decided to check it out, turns out it was...