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  1. F

    HELP! Mysterious Coolant Leak From Transmission?

    Hello all! I’ve got a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6l V8 (3rd generation I believe), and have a coolant leak that I cannot source. It seems to be dripping down from the top of my transmission (closest to engine), both while the car is running and while not running. I am loosing enough coolant to the...
  2. E

    Leaking windshield!

    I just bought 2020 explorer in February it’s now June, it only has 2800 kms on it. when removing the weather tech Mats the carpets were SOAKED underneath. Took it into service to find out the wiring harness was stuck in the bottom of the windshield, so the whole time the car has been leaning...
  3. M

    2002 Ford Explorer Transfer case housing gasket.

    This Explorer is going to kill me. I’ve fixed my AC. Got it idling smooth... well as smooth as it ever has. Now, I notice that my transfer case is leaking all around the gasket. I’m not talking about the shaft gasket, but the housing. That 7 bolt gasket that goes around the whole case...
  4. H

    A few issues: Power Steering, etc

    Hey y’all, I recently received a truck so I’ve decided to sell my 2000 Explorer. Before I sell it, I’d like to fix some glaring issues with it. First, I’m another victim of the dreaded power steering whining sound. I’m not sure if it could be remedied by merely replacing the pump or not. It...
  5. F

    97 5.0 V8 Freeze plugs rotted out

    Bought the car as a project recently It's a limited AWD 5.0 v8 just wondering how much one would charge to replace all the freeze plugs around the engine does this require pulling the engine? Should sealant be applied ? And pretty much I just want a rough estimate of what I'm looking at...
  6. Equine Explorer

    Casper - 98 XLT diagnostics/repairs

    I introduced myself yesterday morning before I decided to dig into the headlight situation. I went in armed with the knowledge that the multifunction switch (wiper/signal/high beam combination switch) on the column was the likely culprit. I had to prove it to the hubby though. Took my tool...
  7. M

    Help! Possible tranny leak?

    Went offroading a few days ago and just noticed some red fluid frozen underneath my radiator and on the ground. I'm no mechanic and i'm not sure what to do. Can't seem to post pictures, but the two hoses going into my radiator look pretty wet. Also my coolant seems stupid low so i'm getting some...
  8. E

    Coolant leak help!

    I am having an issue with a coolant leak on my 1996 explorer v6 4.0 that seems to be coming from behind the thermostat housing. It is not leaking out of where the metal hose thing bolts into the rest of the housing, when I squeeze my radiator hoses I can see coolant coming from a small crevice...
  9. J

    Leaking Rear Differential/ Axel

    Hey there, I would appreciate any help at all! I drive a 2004 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 Vin K and ive been having a heck of a time lately, just fixed a leaking transmission, then fixed a leaking front differential pinion seal, now I noticed the rear differential is leaking where the passenger side...
  10. M

    Possible overheating/coolant bubbling/transmission knocking

    Just like everything else... you gotta start somewhere to learn the ropes, right?! Well, I just bought my first car. It's a '92 Ford Explorer Sport (2 door, 4.0L v6). I believe it's a RWD? (Correct me or confirm this please) There's a few problems with it so far and I want to learn how to...
  11. G

    transmission dumped. please help!

    OK, so back story is I have a 92 explorer xlt. Was doing some mild offroading. Was in 4wheel drive if it matters.. My tranny starts slipping out of gear. Stupid me kept going till I found a turn around a mile or 2 down the dirt road, checked my transmission and it was empty. Dump all along the...
  12. J

    sunroof problems

    my sunroof on my 00 explorer has all of a sudden started pooring in the front when it comes a hard rain whats the deal? never done it before. someone told me that there is two drain holes in the front and they may be clogged any suggestions:feedback:
  13. Suicide77

    Leaking out the Running Board

    I had my truck on a fairly steep angle last weekend and my cousin had noticed a little fluid leaking out the passenger side at the very front of the running board. Today, I had my Explorer on an even steeper slope and had a considerable amount of what looked, tasted, and smelled, like water...
  14. S

    is my pcm bad?

    i ran some trouble codes on my 1992 explorer and i got a code 513,114 and 116, i looked up a 513 and it says pcm internal voltage failure does that mean i need a new one? and also my explorers fuel injectors seems to be putting out a rich mixture of fuel. i pulled all spark plugs and checked...
  15. W

    95 Explorer roof is leaking!!

    Alright, here we go again! I am fixing several things on my explorer, but the first thing I need to fix is the leaking roof! Its 2am, and I just couldn't take the suspense anymore, so I went out side and took the headliner off on the driver side front to see what I could find underneath! The...
  16. W

    flooded interior

    I have been a member of this site for a while but have not posted anything because i find what i need so fast on here. Just bought my second explorer and i love it more than the first. I notice a wet ring shaped stain on the ceiling and figured it was the sunroof. I was right, the tubes...
  17. s60rflyr

    Help!!! Power Steering Problem

    Hey everyone, I am new to the forum but I need some major help!! My 1997 Explorer used to drive great! But I think I may have hurt something off road. (I fell in a hole with it). Although nothing at the time seemed to show signs of a problem, now a few days later I have numerous problems. 1. The...
  18. J

    Oil leak...I think. Help!

    I think I have an oil leak. I checked the motor oil level and it seems fine. Looks like the oil is running down the spark plugs. Any advice? Please see the video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTQpXmp0KOg thanks jason
  19. P

    Replacing a driver's side front freeze plug

    I recently had a freeze plug pop. At first, I thought it was the water pump, but then was confused when I saw that coolant was leaking above and to the side of the water pump. What could it be? After some help from the kind folks on this forum and overhearing a Ford mechanic mention it, I...
  20. B

    Rear Diff Cver Leak

    I have a 2002 Explorer XLS with a rear diff leak at the cover seal. Garage i have gone to in the past told me they need to take the entire rear end apart to replace this gasket (estimate $500) i cannot believe this is the case (although i have trusted this shop) Is thius the only way to...
  21. willindsay

    Leaking Cargo Window??

    Today I was in the process of building my cargo box when I took a break to pic my sis up from school. It was pouring out side. Well once I got back I noticed that the Drivers rear cargo window was leaking I put a hose to it to see where exactly it was coming from and then sealed it up with clear...
  22. D

    Major Oil Leak - 92 Ranger

    I have a major oil leak coming from what looks like behind the engine. I have checked the oil pan and it doesn't look to be coming from there. It all started when I parked one day after a half hour regular drive. I went in the house for 5 minutes and when I came out, I see a steady stream of...
  23. E

    Oil Pan Leak

    Hi all, This is the first of a few posts regarding my 92 XLT. I've had it for a little over a month now, and while the "honeymoon" period is still going, I've encountered a few issues. I must have hit a bump a little too hard one day, because now I'm starting to leak both oil and power...
  24. O

    Trans Leaking post fluid change

    Hey everyone, Seeing if anyone can give me some recommendations here. I just took my 05' mountaineer in to have the trans fluid changed. On the way home i noticed that my tuck was smoking, when I had a chance to look underneath I noticed trans fluid everywhere! I'm assuming that they left a...