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lean mixture

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    1993 explorer 4.0L trouble codes help

    I have the trouble codes 111 for key on engine off. Then the codes after are 117, 21, 81, & 189. Then with engine on it gives me 172 and 136. The 111 is system ok which leads me to the others which are ECT sensor low/grounded; ECT sensor out of range; boost control OR AIRD solenoid; and fuel...
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    Possible Vacuum Leak?

    Hi, My name is Matteo. I own a 98 Ford Explorer 5.0. Recently my truck has been running a bit rough and backfiring under a load. It runs smoothly when idling - doesn't stall or choke out. The problem seems to be worse when the engine is cold, but doesn't ever completely go away. I took...