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leather seats

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    Leather upgrade after purchase

    Anyone done any katzkin leather upgrades ? I have cloth seats in my XLT and thinking of upgrading to Katzkin leather seating for around $1800 installed locally. Has anyone done anything like this ? I’ve seen others get similar non brand leather seating done for around $1200. Thanks
  2. C

    Leather Replacement

    Hey guys I have a 2012 Explorer Limiter with the 2 tone leather package (Pecan and Black). Car still runs amazing but the leather seats and Center console arm rest have seen better days. Can anyone point me to some replacement options? Or do I have to go to a customer car upholstery shop. I...
  3. W

    Converting to leather

    I have a 2014 XLT with cloth seats. Can I buy leather seats from junk yard do a direct exchange. Is the wiring harness different and, if so, is it fairly easy to wire it to work? Thanks
  4. O

    2008 Explorer XLT Cloth to Leather seat swap out

    I purchased an 08 Explorer XLT with damaged rear 40/60 2nd row seat missing 40 2nd row seat and damaged drivers side seat. I was able to find leather full set of seats. The fronts seem easy enough to swap out and I was able to loosen the bolts without snapping off the heads. The 2nd row leather...
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    Wiring power leather seats in 2002 XLT EX

    So, today I made a trip to my local junkyard for a front bumper after hitting a deer, I was in luck, and found an Eddie Bauer edition bumper (i love the look of them) and am having it painted black to match the rest of my Ex. Well, while at the yard, I stumbled upon a practically show room...