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  1. A

    Leather upgrade after purchase

    Anyone done any katzkin leather upgrades ? I have cloth seats in my XLT and thinking of upgrading to Katzkin leather seating for around $1800 installed locally. Has anyone done anything like this ? I’ve seen others get similar non brand leather seating done for around $1200. Thanks
  2. T

    2014 Sport Seat comfort Fix

    Hello everyone, looking for anyone who has a link to information or has experience taking apart the front driver seat with leather trim, the heat and cooling feature along with 10way adjustment. This seat is awful for me, feel like I'm sitting on the back rest, not the bottom cushion due to...
  3. H

    Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat

    For Sale Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat. Good condition, front and rear seats. Will ship on your dime. $400
  4. C

    Good News About the '94 X and a Question

    It's been a while since I checked-in. I went down to SC around Thanksgiving to visit family. While I was down there I did some maintenance on both Explorers. I got the AC fixed in the 2004 Explorer and did some other things. Back in January, I bought the '94 for $400 from a guy who said...
  5. J

    Leather Seams Issue

    I have a new 2015 Ford Explorer LTD. Just over 1 month old and 1000 miles. I noticed the passenger seat leather is starting to separate at the seams...the thread seems to be fraying and sticking up. I made an appointment with my dealer to take a look at this (the driver's side is fine)...has...
  6. E

    Seat is cracking

    My driver side leather seat is cracked. It's a 2013, bought it in December and has about 6K miles. I have always had leather seats and I have never had any issues. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. J

    1996 power seat replacement

    I just recently purchased a 1996 xlt explorer. The driver side seat is a leather power seat and is in bad condition. i found some nice leather seats from a 97 mountaineer at the junk yard for 30 bucks and could not pass them up. I had no issues bolting them in but i do have different plugs on...
  8. G

    94 Explorer XLT Leather Seats

    I have a 94 Explorer XLT with power leather seats. There also the ones with the thing where you can press a button and it inflates or deflates. The seats are pretty worn out and I want to try to find new ones. What years of Explorers can they come from?
  9. O

    2002 EB. OEM Leather seats out of production.

    Ford stopped making the leather replacement seat covers for the 2002 EB in 2009. After buying two sets of leather EB seats on EBay that were in horrible condition, but advertised as good, visiting wrecking yards in LA and Ventura counties, I'm resigned to spending $2,000. to have the two front...
  10. F15E_WSO

    Mask/Repair minor cracks in Drivers seat?

    All, My driver's seat in '02 EXP has minor cracks and blemishes from me sliding in and out, sitting for 90K, just wear and tear. The other seats are all pristine as about 75K of those miles I was alone. There are NO tears, full up rips, anything to "patch". I read many posts here about...
  11. P

    Iggee Seat Cover

    well my driver seat is pretty beat. Went to the upholsters and he quoted me 300 to redo just the seat cushion which isnt happening. I was checking out seat covers and came across these Iggee brand ones on ebay...
  12. P

    leather seats

    i have an 01 sport trac that i just purchased with a rip in the driver seat. I found an 02 explorer seat that is also grey leather but i wasn't sure if it was the same seat design as the sport tracs had. can anyone tell me if the seats are identical? thanks:salute: This is what my seats...
  13. rear 2000 leather shot

    rear 2000 leather shot

  14. 2000 leather shot

    2000 leather shot

  15. 1994 XLT interior

    1994 XLT interior

    The interior