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led conversion

  1. C

    2020 LED Upgrades - Links Added

    EDIT: See Post #10 below for links to the bulbs I used and additional comments According to the owners manual, the 2020 Explorer has all-LED lighting in the front, sides and interior. In fact, there are only 3 incandescents listed: license plate, rear turn signals and backup lamps. I did LED...
  2. C

    LED headlights (92 sport) (Success)

    I know if I ask about led headlights, people will tell me why not to use them. But has anybody retrofitted the housings to accommodate an LED bulb or is there a housing that works with the first gens.
  3. T

    97 EB 'Check ALL Lamps' after LED switch

    I replaced all my 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer lighting with LED lights. Brake, tail, reverse, turn, interior and the headlights are now HID bi-xenon everything but the high mount 3rd brake light and instrument panel/dash is now LED. Prior to replacing the stock bulbs with these LED's I had no...
  4. E

    My "Modified" Stock 97 Explorer

    Hi there, I just though I'd take a minute to share what I've done to my 97 Explorer, while keeping a relatively stock appearance. First, I decided to replace the stock dash lights with LEDs. Many of them were burnt out, and I was getting tired of the green hue. By putting in...
  5. T

    LED FYI 2nd gen Sport Trac

    Hi All, New member, long time lurker. Wanted tip everyone off if they did not know, i used an aftermarket 3rd brake light / high mount LED replacement on my 08 ST (2nd Gen) and the brake light function worked fine but the Cargo bay lighting did not work and poped a fuse. (ebay buy). replaced...
  6. jsgoofn

    DRL Activation Possible Resolution (US Owners).....

    PlatinumOwner has gone to the trouble of figuring out the codes in the BCM in order to enable DRLs and to also allow the LED turn signals to work without resistors. It disables the bulb outage warning and is supposed to stop the hyperflashing. Look at the second link where he lays it out in a...
  7. M

    Electronic Flasher for LED Upgrade

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I have a 2013 Limited and have recently upgraded to LED head and fog lights, from a previous HID upgrade. Now I've gotten the itch to swap out my front and rear turn signals and upgrade them to LED as well. I'm wondering if anyone here has done it, and if so...
  8. T

    Halo Lights

    I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6l V8 and was wondering if there is anybody out there that have Halo lights on there Explorer. I'm putting some LEDs on my car and was wondering if anybody could give advice for Halo lights. I have LEDs in the wheel well and 2 LED strips in the grill. What are...
  9. L

    Turn Signal Wiring

    I'm trying to tap into the turn signal wires (to run additional lighting). There's 3 wires running into the turn signal, 2 of which appear to continue on to the parking lamp. The wire colors are black, yellow, and blue. Black i'm sure is ground. I've stripped the wires and applied a 12V source...
  10. M

    07 Mountainer turn signal relay/flasher location

    I am trying to find out where this is located. Does anyone have an idea or diagram. I searched the web and got responses like its under the steering wheel. I looked up there and found a relay but its not for the turn signals. Manual said there are four relays (near the fuse block) but doesn't...
  11. C

    some mods ive done what do you think ?

  12. M

    Removing face-plate from stock CD receiver

    Has anyone taken the face-plate off of the stock CD receiver? I would like to change the bulbs but don't want to take it apart until I know a little about it. And installing a new unit is out of my budget right now.
  13. M

    Temperature Control Buttons

    I took apart my dash today and took the temperature controls off. It's a white box-like with the silver front on it. What I want to do it remove the green film behind it and replace the bulbs with blue ones. The problem is I don't know how to detach the face-plate from the rest of it without...