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  1. A

    Front vents not blowing any air but rear and ceiling do.

    I have a 2017 ford explorer xlt with 43k miles. Recently lost front blower vents but the back and ceiling vents work on all settings. Any idea what would cause this? where should I begin? also recently lost front passenger side LED low beam and signature drl (but turning and highbeam work.)
  2. F

    2015 Explorer Roof Rack LED Mount

    I’ve searched high and low to find a thread discussing how to cleanly mount custom rear facing LED light pods but could only find forward mount, so I’ve decided to tackle this project on my own. I’m almost finished, just need to mount and wire, but I’ll post up my progress so far and as I go...
  3. Mr_Fruffles

    GTR LED ULTRA SERIES....Will it melt what it touches?

    Cannot seem to find the answer to this......will it melt wires or the rubber that the heatsink is touching? I cannot get the entire bulb, wiring, and ballast inside the housing so I instead have the rubber covering directly cutout around the fan on the back of the led bulb and have a wire...
  4. M

    Replace headlight bulbs with LEDs on 2014 PIU?

    Howdy, Has anybody replaced their Explorer/PIU's headlight bulbs (9005) with LEDs? How did that go? Better or worse than with halogens? Do they flicker, did you need an anti-flicker capacitor? Are they positioned correctly, not too high or too low? If you've done it successfully, which LED...
  5. J

    Supplemental Cargo/Hatch Lighing

    Ive been a long time lurker, and owned my 2016 XLT for about a year now. I work out of the explorer (flying drones) and the night time lighting in the cargo bay and hatch area is abysmal... so I came up with this!
  6. H

    LED Effects causing multiple issues????

    All of a sudden my fobs stopped working I try and program it initiates but no acknowledge horn but can exit programming. Then Message center stuck on tpms error and reset or info keys have no effect Was told my LEDs are the cause and soon as I disconnect problems go away. WTF Has anyone...
  7. C

    LED headlights (92 sport) (Success)

    I know if I ask about led headlights, people will tell me why not to use them. But has anybody retrofitted the housings to accommodate an LED bulb or is there a housing that works with the first gens.
  8. White Shift Indicator W Green Film

    White Shift Indicator W Green Film

  9. Temp Gauge Close Up

    Temp Gauge Close Up

  10. Temp Cluster

    Temp Cluster

  11. Temp Cluster Differences

    Temp Cluster Differences

  12. Temp Cluster Back Side

    Temp Cluster Back Side

  13. Original Gauge

    Original Gauge

  14. Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

    Original Gauge With Temp Cluster Removed

  15. Original Gauge Minus Cover

    Original Gauge Minus Cover

  16. Original Gauge Cover Options

    Original Gauge Cover Options

  17. Original Gauge Back Side

    Original Gauge Back Side

  18. New Gauge Needles

    New Gauge Needles

  19. New Cluster Installed

    New Cluster Installed

  20. C

    Mounting LED pods to Explorer/Sport Trac fog light hole.

    I’ve seen numerous posts on here asking how to do it. I’ve even asked myself. I scoured Instagram hashtags relating to “SportTrac” and messaging anyone with led pods to replace their factory fog lamps. There weren’t many. Imgur: The magic of the Internet One person kind enough to go out of...
  21. 2


    Im planning to repaint. I want to go with a 2 tone. Any suggestions?
  22. D

    2018 Explorer Puddle lights

    DrWrightNew Member I recently purchased a 2018 Explorer XLT and want to change my puddle lights to LEDs but am having a hard time pulling out the puddle light. I've watched many videos on the removal and it seems like the light comes out easily when the clip is released but on mine when I try...
  23. J

    New to the FORD world...

    I've been looking for a newish car and finally picked up a 2016 Explorer XLT. In the past I owned an Acura Integra, Chevy Astro Cargo, and Toyota 4Runner. So far I've blacked out the wheels with custom wrap, replaced all of the external lighting with LEDs, added carbon fiber "explorer" letters...
  24. A

    Comparing LED bulb to my old Halogen bulb - Explorer 2013

    Since we all know that Explorers have very poor yellowish Halogen headlights, I decided to change them and install HID. the thing is I do have my DRL enabled in both of my headlights, and installing HID will require me to disable my DRLs, either with Forscan or by heading to the dealer. so...
  25. D

    13' Custom Headlights

    Looking to have someone do, or to buy a set of headlights with the LED strip in them like newer model cars. And or halo rings around the projector any help would be appreciated thank you