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  1. D

    Brake Lights barely visible - without engaging brake pedal?

    Please check out my video I just posted. I just noticed it tonight and the LED's have been in the truck since Saturday. Although the Duralast Gold 850CCA battery has been out sitting on the trickle charger as I was working on other items like this and that. So that could explain why I never...
  2. willzilla

    2nd GEN Overhead Interior LED Swap

    This is a variation from the very good and informative post Interior Dome Light LED Conversion (PICs) by MustangP51. His post didn't really detail much on wiring and provide a ton of detail on the backseat and cargo lighting and also went the much cooler and more complex method of building his...
  3. M

    Dome light LED conversion

    My 93 XLT has the dome light in the cargo area, and then 3 up front. (2 switch, 1 door-activated). I wanted to convert these to LED as cheap as possible. I'm not good with circuitry and what resistors are needed, if any. Any suggestions as to LED elements or what parts I need?
  4. B

    $10.00 Off Side Mirror LED Puddle Lights with Free License Plate LEDs

    $10.00 Off Side Mirror LED Puddle Lights with Free License Plate LEDs SALE ENDING JUNE 23RD So get your order in now to take advantage of this $10.00 savings DAYTIME BrightLites is offering a $10.00 discount on our one-of-a-kind true Plug & Play Side Mirror LED Puddle Light Packs. Our...
  5. D

    dashboard + overhead lighting?

    My battery gauge dashboard light, and my cruise control light went out on my 98 explorer. And honestly i am putting alot of money into my explorer i am currently putting in another engine and fixing some rust spots of body and since im doing this i just wanna make it look cool and just some...
  6. J

    How to: 3rd Gen LED Halo Headlight Mod

    Hi All...Creating this to showing all how to mod your own headlights with Halo's! {Order did get a little screwed up with the color purchase of the LED rings, but still looks good :) } :ttiwwp: First off, took me about 2 hours for first light, then 30 minutes for 2nd light...
  7. M

    3rd gen corners

    I just did my corner lenses in the front with Depo black lenses. These have no amber on them except the bulb. Bulbs used: Did ebay search for "T25 3157 amber smd" and the ones I ordered have 68 LED's in them. They still blink like crazy on a factory flasher. NOTE: These lenses can handle...
  8. F

    Led Converstion (Need bulb numbers)

    i wanna convert to led bulbs in my 02 explorer. only thing is i need someone to link me the bulb numbers( stock or even the led bulbs) so i can buy them i bought my cluster ones but turned out to be the wrong ones . thanks all and im sry if theres another post like this i tryed to search and got...
  9. D

    any chance they would fit?

    Does anyone know of a way i could use these lights in my 93 explorer? I have seen lights for the explorer listed as compatible with the 93 bronco so i was thinking they might work...
  10. LED picture light.

    LED picture light.

  11. C

    how to change gauge cluster color

    if your looking to change your gauge cluster color form the green to a red or bule or some other color check out black cat customs link below im doing mine in red in a few mounths will post pics when done http://www.blackcatcustom.com/
  12. P

    Alarm LED? Surprised there is none

    Anyone else surprised there is no LED that blinks or shows the alarm status on the Explorer? I guess I got used to that in BMW SUVs and cars where you'd set the alarm and the LED under the mirror would blink slowly as a deterrent to would be breaker-inners. I see lots of cars in parking lots...
  13. V

    Led brake lights

    I tried replacing the bulbs in my rear brake lights for leds. At first they worked properly but after a while they over heated and burned out. Could i add a resistor for when i hit the brake? Is there a fix for this or what? I already installed the reverse lights and Flashers with resistors...
  14. T

    Led and Halo Fogs

    Has anyone had any experience with these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/White-LED-Halo-Projector-Fog-Light-Kit-Switch-Bulbs-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQfitsZYearQ3a2002Q7cMakeQ3aFordQ7cModelQ3aExplorerQQhashZitem415aa55deeQQitemZ280693661166QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_5214wt_1138
  15. T

    02 Stock Fogs Led Bulb?

    Has anyone tried to put led bulbs in there stock fog lights? If so how is the visibility and are they brighter than the stock halogens? I was thinking something like this...
  16. P

    Wanting to do a custom instrument cluster

    So i have a 1991 x and my stock oil pressure is sitting on low after i changed the oil pressure sending unit so it must be the gauge so what the hell i want to do a custom instrument panel with all my gauges with lights and maybe a ele. display anyone know how to make one or even buy one...
  17. CamDJClimited

    For Sale 95-01 Explorer Projector Housings For Sale!!

    Hey guys! Up for sale is a pair of Black Explorer Projector Housings. These will fit Explorers from 95-01. They are a direct fit and the installation is just plug and play (VERY Easy). You can either choose to wire the Halos and LEDs to the corner/parking lights, or to your own switch. I can...
  18. S

    Blue Gauges. Help please!

    I have a 99 xlt and right now the gauges are green. If i install blue leds will it glow blue, or like a blue green? idk how to upload pics on here but i saw one on here that was all blue it was perfect. if i can get it up here i will but i want it all blue. would i have to scratch off a film...
  19. 2

    LED Dash board light replacement, need part numbers

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused on the correct bulbs to order to replace my blown bulbs on my dash of my 2001 SportTrac. I emailed superbirghtleds.com and they said this: Each vehicle is slightly different on gauge cluster tolerances and you will see our wled 194/168 replacements come in...
  20. B

    How do you access the lightbulb in the trunk courtesy light?

    I'm planning on replacing all of my interior lights with led panel lights, but i dont know how to get into the trunk light. Please help?
  21. M

    01' Explorer Accessory Wiring

    I have a Sub box in the back of my explorer, and it has a 12v terminal for LED lights. But I have no idea where to even start when it comes to wiring. I do have an after market stereo and have an amp wired to the subs. If anyone can help me first find an accessory wire to tap into, then actually...
  22. M

    Puddle Light LEDs and Extras

    So I've been doing a lot of looking into LEDs for my truck. I want to replace the puddle lights with blue bulbs or blue LEDs. I am driving myself crazy looking for the right kind for this job. I would like to get the ones that just plug into the current socket. The bulb size is #168. What I...
  23. S

    LED question

    I want to put some leds under my dash in the front. I have no idea about how to go about it. Is there a kit i can buy or something? Im basically looking for someone to educate me through this. Thanks
  24. T

    Power Mirrors Switch

    I know that the power mirrors adjustment switch is not lit up stock, but is there any way to light it up? Has anyone tried this?
  25. S

    I need help with fitment of tail lights.

    i am looking for new tail lights that already have alot of black to it and preferably already have leds in it too. i found some on ebay and i asked the guy if it would fit my explorer ('02 sport 2dr) and he says yes but i notice on the picture it doesnt have the little thing on top to screw...