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    body kits? trims? 02 explorer sport(2dr)

    ive been looking for a body kit for my car and so far havent found one. Does anyone know where i can get a body kit or new trim for the sides of my explorer or where a local place is that i can get one custom made to fit? i live by l.a., california also does neone know where i can find nice...
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    How To: Underbody LED Kit

    Thanks to MustangP51's LED threads I've gathered enough courage to attempt to make my own LED Underbody kit after I blew a neon tube. LED's are much brighter, require less power, and are virtually indestructable. I've only fabricated the two sides, but I have them installed and wired, and as...
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    How to change Instrument Color?

    I have a '91 XLT and I bought a bunch of 194 White LED's to replace the old green behind the gauges. How do I change the color? I have heard that I will need to peel off a green film on the back side of the panel. I have not gotten this far before so I need some pointers! Thanks!
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    Help Needed- '99 Bauer Radio LED & Steering Volume Issues

    Greetings All I am brand new to the forum and found it because I NEED HELP! we've been through a couple of Explorers and loved them- the most recent '98 FULLY LOADED XLT was totaled by our insurance after another driver thought that red was a better color for Santa Suits or pasta sauce then...
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    Emergency Strobe LED Installation.

    Okay this is my first writeup, so i'll try to do it the best I can. Mind you, I am writting this with a very VERY intense hangover and headache so excuse me if I seem somewhat blank about the instructions :thumbsup: Pretty much, the only reason I decided to install these because, I really...
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    wiring from engine to interior? please help!!

    I put some LED down lights on the underbody of my 98 explorer, they were originally wired into the park lights circut. But I've been forced to take them out of there as they turn on everytime i turn my headlights now. and the damn local authorities are not too happy about it. So i brought a...
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    As promised pics of new ex mods

    HEADLIGHT COVER http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i319/itallian1488/P1010172.jpg FULL FRONT OF BOTH HEADLIGHT COVERS http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i319/itallian1488/P1010171.jpg CHROME GAS CAP http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i319/itallian1488/P1010174.jpg SIDE VIEW OF LUND NERF STEP...
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    Rear led light bar

    I'm sure you've seen the led light bars below the tailgate of ford f150's, 250s and so on.....I was looking into putting one on my ex, not sure if the space is wide enough though. Has anyone done this?? Pics?? :troops:
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    2 questions...ironman parts...and 3rd brake light....

    So I have a 2006 explorer xlt...Love it...I'm slowly but surely adding to it. My first question: Anyone have a good website for oem ironman parts? ie: front and back bumper covers, riveted fender flares, head/fog lights...ect.... Questions 2: I want to replace the stock 3rd brake light...