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  1. J

    Transmission fluid level on 2003 Explorer?

    Yesterday I put my 2003 V6 Explorer on a lift to check the transmission fluid. I had it warmed up, checked transmission fluid temp on my scanner before removing the small inner plug with a T30 torx. This was the first time I've checked it since we recently bought this vehicle. When the plug...
  2. L

    Low Washer Fluid Warning Stuck on

    First post here. Found site Goggling to find info about this issue. I took my 2011 Limited to the dealer in December 2012 after the Low Washer Fluid Waring and stayed on after I filled the tank to the top with fluid. They confirmed the light was not working properly and replaced the washer...
  3. N

    Want to slightly lift my 2000 Explorer 2WD HELP!?

    Hello all I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD and I wanted to lift it about 2 or 3 inches.I want to upgrade my stock 15' wheels to 18's or 20's. I don't plan on doing any serious offroading so I wanted to know the cheapest/simplest way to go about lifitng it about 2 or 3 inches while retaining...
  4. C

    Monroe shocks?

    Will the Monroe load leveling coil over shocks level out my back end with my 2" Tt up front
  5. G

    automatic ride control problem

    I have a 98 explorer (for the european market) that has automatic level control suspensions. Since a while, the system seems not be working anymore (when I changed the load, I used to hear the compressor buzzing for a few seconds, now not anymore) and the car wobbles noticeably when driving...
  6. AODE/4R70W and E4OD transmission pin outs with manual position sensor.

    AODE/4R70W and E4OD transmission pin outs with manual position sensor.