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lift kit help

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    Lift Kits

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I've been trying to find information about putting a Suspension lift kit on my '02 xlt V8 4x4 explorer. I haven't found anything specific for that year and submodel. Sooo... here's my question for all of you: What have you done to your explorer to get a...
  2. C

    99 RWD Explorer Offroad Build

    Hey Everyone, new to the threads. I have a 99 Explorer RWD Sport and am getting my research done on how to turn this into a semi-Prerunner. Im looking to just buy decent offroad type suspension front and rear as well as beefing up the leaf springs and most likely taking them to get re-arched. Im...
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    Lift Kit Model Requirement help

    Going to order a 6” Skyjacker Level 2 kit. I am pretty sure the ranger kit will work from what I have found on the web? Just wanted some feedback from someone that has ordered one. Thanks in advance.
  4. X

    Modifying 2008 Ex 4x4

    Hey I need some assistance with lifting or installing a leveling kit. I want to make my Ex better with offroading and trail riding. Because of how the suspension is set up, a suspension lift is not an option. Or is it? I take it offroad when I can and Ive only neem stuck a few times. Also, as...
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    New member from Northern Illinois

    Hello, I have a 2016 ford explorer xlt. I am starting to make some mods. I started with tinting the front windows to match the rears. Next I have a Truxxx suspension lift/leveling kit, 2.5'' front and 1.25 rear, that has been ordered. Has anyone put this on? How's the ride? was it easy to...
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    Looking for help

    Hello all. So as of today I am a owner of a 05 sport trac fully loaded. Now to start my build. I can't find a lift kit for the front end i have tryed everywhere. If anyone has used parts for this truck or can tell me how much modifications to the Ranger lift kit is needed to put on my ST. Thank
  7. H

    Lift Kit Suggestions

    I'm tossing around the idea of doing a baby lift on my 93 4x4. I'm currently leaning in the direction of a 2 inch suspension lift, but I'm not entirely sure. Any suggestions on brands of parts/kits or what have you? This would be the first vehicle I've had lifted and the explorer is my first 4wd...
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    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

    Hello everybody, my name is HOOAH and I am the new owner of a 2006 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 V6 4wd, with 103k. This is my first Ford vehicle and I hope it serves me well for many years to come. I already had a dealer look it over and they gave me the check list that it is ok and all is well. I have...
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    '98 Exp. Need help with cracking noises, and cab noises as well.

    Hey there, guys.. Fernando here, nice meeting you. I'm new to everything here, either the forum or this of lifting and set up a truck, so I request you patience please.. Alright, so.. I recently bought a '98 Explorer AWD 4.0 SOHC, it is really clean, doesn't have that much scratches, dings...
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    2003 Ford Explorer sport 2dr

    Hi I'm new here to the explorer forum and I know I'm not supposed to ask questions in this forum, but idk where to go to post about it. Anyway I need to know where I can find a lift kit or leveling kit to put on my sport. It's a 4x4 if that helps. Thanks for the help in advance
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    My Sport Trac needs a lift

    Hello all, I have been browsing this forum recently and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for so I'm hoping this post will help me. I'm looking for a few things. 1. What is the best way to lift my 2002 4x4 Sport Trac that is cost effective (relatively cheap) 2. What are some cool...
  12. Y

    where to get a lift kit for an 03 explorer

    Im looking to lift my 03 explorer. Just ate the look how low it is and the small tires. Ive been searching and havent found any. Hellp!
  13. D

    lift kit help 2001 ford sport trac

    i recently purchased a 2001 explorer sport trac 2wd and i have been trying to find a 4 inch suspension lift for it but i cant so will a super lift suspension lift for a 4wd 2001 sport trac work if it wont what will i am already putting on a 3 in body lift so the suspension is all thats left if...