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  1. 9

    Extended length rear shocks?

    Hey guys! Just picked up an Explorer not too long ago, was wondering what options I have for extended length rear shocks. I have been scouring the internet and have not found anything. The only ones I have found are the early 90's Explorer options and 0" lift shocks. Going to use Rancho on the...
  2. C

    33s with no body lift?

    Hey I have a '98 and I've done shackles+add a leafs in the rear and cranked the tbars all the way in the front. I still have 29s and I'm looking at getting 33s, but I don't want to do a body lift since I have a push bar front bumper and I don't think that would work with a BL. Does anyone have...
  3. R

    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    Okay as some of you may know, 6” is tops for these things. A.K.A. a 3” Body lift and a 3” Spacer lift with Btf uppers. Has anyone thought of any way to get more lift in the front end? For example you can Lower the upper control arm by about 2 inches if you bolt the brackets on upside down. Im...
  4. 2

    Lift Spindle Bearings

    Edit: The bearings fit I just had to press them on a little. I got lift spindles on eBay but the seller didn’t mention if you can use stock size bearings with them. I know some spindles require you to run f150 bearings instead. Is this where the stock bearings usually sit on the spindle? They...
  5. Q

    Squat After BTF Lift

    Hi ExplorerForum, I was finally able to put my BTF spacers and UCAs a few weeks ago. I've been anxious to get this done and replace my struts, but was helping my Dad swap a new engine into his 2013 Escape. I followed bampq6's excellent writeup here How To: BTF-Fabrication Spacer Lift Install...
  6. RicFlairWoo

    Traxda Explorer Front Level Kit 4x2/4x4 -1.25" (2011-2019) $100, free shipping!

    Hey! I recently bought this leveling kit and decided I'd go a fancier route. It's brand new, all packages are still sealed as you can see in the photos. First $100 takes it, shipping UPS Ground is included.
  7. CallMeSyd

    Gen 3 Explorer 7.3 Powerstroke, F/R SAS Dana 60

    The absolute craziest 3rd generation explorer proposed so far. I want to build an off-road recovery rig and I could use some help. I know that the 7.3 has been done before in a gen 3 explorer. I have attempted to contact the owner of that rig since i saw he was trying to sell it. I was...
  8. I


    Question: Would it be worth putting on new leaf spring shackles and then a t-bar crank to gain an inch of lift, and then installing a 3-inch body lift kit? From my understanding for a 98 they don't make body lift kits but I remember seeing somewhere you can use a ranger body kit on it?
  9. K

    1998 Merc mountaineer lift kit

    Hey guys I’ve looked at quite a few threads and haven’t really found my answer. But has anyone used the 3” lift kit? Part number is #101055. And if so what shocks are you running, what size tires and wheels and should I do anything else with it or may I need additional parts (steering...
  10. 2

    Shock Advice Needed

    I recently installed lift keys on my X and gained about 3” of lift. The stock length RS9000’s feel like they’re over extended. I see that Cherokee shocks use the same mount types as the Explorer with a stem top mount and a bar pin bottom mount. Has anyone used Cherokee shocks on their Explorer...
  11. T

    longer swaybar links for lift in front.

    with the BTF and truxx lift my sway bar bushings are getting anhilated. trying to put in new pushings is nearly impossible even with the LCA being pressed up with a jack. i need longer bolts. or something. anyone have any luck or ideas. would grade 8 bolts work i can order them online for a few...
  12. B

    New Member: 1991 Ford Explorer XL 4X4 ("The Papa's Truck")

    Hi All, I have been utilizing the forum as a resource for years now but haven't posted anything to this point. I first of all want to say how much of a help and a resource this forum has been and I feel like I should at least contribute something to the forum after years of using it! In any...
  13. H

    2002 Sport Trac Spindles

    Hey everyone, would anyone have any recommendations for decent lift spindles? Can't seem to find any, and I am guessing that they are not made anymore. If anyone has any used ones laying around by chance I would be very interested in buying them off you, will also pay to ship. Thanks
  14. K

    01-08 Ford Ranger 3" fabtech lift For sale $800

    01-08 ranger lift kit never installed. I bought this to put on my sport trac but I moved and didn't have the space to work on my truck, so it sat in storage for a year. I sold my truck so I have no use for this. I will also include 2 - 2 1/2 in wheel spacers 4 - shock boots
  15. M

    Looking for a suspension lift kit

    Hi, I own 2006 EB, and I'm looking for a lift kit. I'm not interested in space bars, rather at least Spring, but better whole strut (with suspension) - in my understanding this model features a coil over configuration. Now, I'm a foreigner, in my country only 2.5" lift allowed, and the kit...
  16. C

    Need a 4inch body lift for 2 door, 2002 sport

    I can't find any lifts for the two door model, the only one I could find was for a Trac Will this fit my sport? Superlift K496: Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4 Inch Master Pack Lift Kit
  17. 2

    Lift Shackles Touching Frame

    I bought a leveling kit that included torsion keys and lift shackles. The keys are working fine but the shackles are giving me issues. I contacted the seller and they informed me that I have them installed correctly, but the shackles rest on the frame. Another customer told me that’s how...
  18. 2

    2” Lift, Longer Shocks?

    Hey, everyone. I’m thinking about installing some warrior shackles and cranking the torsion bars to raise the rear and front 2”. I recently purchased some Rancho RS9000 shocks and would hate to replace them with extended shocks so soon. I don’t do serious off-roading since I’m 2WD, only light...
  19. M

    New Guy

    Hi. I am taking over a family 01 Merc Mounty with a 5.0 V8 that I want to do some mods to. I am happy that I found this forum, because it looks like most of you have already pioneered and championed the cause - so thanks for that. I will be looking to lift the Mounty and convert the AWD to a...
  20. E

    Largest tire on a sport 4x4 with a 2.5” lift

    I currently have Goodyear AT 265/70/16’s on my 1998 Sport 4x4. I wanted to hesr from anyone who has run larger tires with a similar set up. I’d like to run some larger KO2’s Current set up - new 4 door rear leaf springs - rear Add a leaf - rear shackles - Front torsion keys - KYB monomax shocks...
  21. N

    Cheap Shackle Lift

    Hey I need cheap shackles for my 01 Sport. Any recommendations for new shackles or some shackles off another vehicle from a junkyard? Looking for a good 2 inch lift in the rear from the notorious sag, not gonna do anything crazy. Thanks.
  22. TxCowgirlInCo

    Help Needed!! 5.5" Lifted TTB Loose....Everything

    Well, big one #2 decided to be cranky now a bit as well. Very quick synopsis. 6 months ago previous owner went to 'tighten up the RA bolts'. Apparently tightened drivers side 1-2 full threads and couldn't get the passenger side to tighten so just left it as is. (No it wasn't up on the frame I'm...
  23. 9

    91 Vibration problems

    The Blue Beast, formerly the rust bucket, has a new vibration problem. 91 Explorer 4.0 4WD The problem: At any speed above 25ish I get a nice "VVVVUUURRRTTTT VVVVUUURRRTTT" vibration that I can both hear and feel. It goes in time with the vehicle speed, increasing almost to a steady humm at...
  24. TxCowgirlInCo

    Axle Pivot Locations - Superlift

    Ok, I've got a question for all those well versed in the TTB especially lifted ones. Initially the 2nd previous owner installed the 5.5" Superlift incorrectly I believe bc the Axle pivot bolts were placed in the upper of two holes in the new drop brackets. Realizing this appeared to be...
  25. M

    Long term lift experience?

    Im currently working on 2005 4.6L mounty. She's getting: 2.5in/2in Btf suspension lift 1.5 BL Btf upper control arms Rough terrain lower BJ C.v axles, tie rod ends and front hubs 265/75 Cooper stt pros on 16x8s 0 offset New monroe struts all the way around Flowmaster super 44 Brush gaurd...
  26. T

    Lift Information for Sport Trac. 2 gen. 08+

    alright everyone. as someone whose been diggin around these forums, and other forums for lift information, tyre size i figured id combine everything ive found and put it all in one place. most of the threads have expired pictures but the information is there, which is what matters! right? the...
  27. 9

    Front Differential cover gasket leak

    All right I just Installed a 2" lift, no problems. But when I jacked it back up the next day to change the tie rod ends I noticed that I had oil POURING out of my front differential. I used the jack points I've always used and had the jack stands in the same place. I'm trying to figure out A...
  28. E

    2 inch lift questions

    I know there are many forums about this but not all of them are giving me the direct answers that I need. I recently purchased some 31x10.5s and I know they'll fit now but I plan on doing a 2 inch lift with shackle and coil spacer. Will a 4 wheel alignment be needed or just a front alignment...
  29. J

    Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit

    Does anybody have experience with the lift from supreme suspensions? It is specified for a 1980-1996 bronco however it says it would also fit an Explorer. Has anybody used it? Will it fit an 03'? Any info would be appreciated. The item number is #13436 on their website.
  30. J

    TT and Shackle Question

    Hello All, I had a quick question about my recent lift. Following the well detailed threads on this forum I was able to lift my 96 Explorer with Warrior shackles and a TT, but I have a question about lift height. Upon completion, and driving around to let it all settle, I had lifted: DF...
  31. A

    Looking for suggestions on what shock absorbers to use on my 96 xl

    Hey guys! what shock absorbers would you recommend to put onto my 96 xl I need to get all 4 done. Looking to do this cheap as possible but with still getting the best shocks for my money. Also I'm looking to do a body lift, any suggestions on parts and what the easiest and cheapest way to go is...
  32. 9

    Lift on 1996 2WD Ford Explorer

    What lifts am I looking at if I want to do around 2-4" on my 1996 2WD Ford Explorer XLT with a V6 4.0L. I am considering anything from economy little trick ones to full on body lift packages. New to this off roading world. I know very little so bare with me please. Thanks.
  33. F

    I am new but already doing mods and adds

    Hello everyone. I am in Texas and just purchased a 2017 explorer sport. I have tinted the windows, added a Traxda front and real lift kit. 2.5" front 1.5" rear. made the dealer switch the sport wheels with the midnight gray 20s. just put on a set of BFG ko2 275/55/20s more to come. can't wait...
  34. A

    Lift kit

    I was wondering where I could get a lift kit for my 1998 explorer
  35. S

    Help With Lift and wheel spacers

    So i want to lift my sport trac and put some spacers on it. I dont know much about lifts and need help. What are the best ones? Lifts that you have used and would recommend. Any pictures would be helpful, thanks.
  36. E

    Looking to lift.. Shackles, leaf springs, shocks, or all?

    I want to lift my stock 1998 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4x4 SOHC. Should I add a leaf spring? Shackles? Both? Do I need new U bolts or bushings? Should I also get non stock shocks? Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Also, if you have any links or P/N to these parts that would help to...
  37. E

    Looking to lift.. Shackles, leaf springs, shocks, or all?

    I want to lift my stock 1998 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4x4 SOHC. Should I add a leaf spring? Shackles? Both? Do I need new U bolts or bushings? Should I also get non stock shocks? Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Also, if you have any links or P/N to these parts that would help to...
  38. H

    New here! 2002 Sport trac owner

    Hey everyone, I just recently bought an 02 sport trac, and I'm looking at doing some off-road mods to it. I'm knew to the whole mod thing so I don't know much. Right now I wanna give it a two inch lift, and put some nice black rims and all terrrain tires on it. Any suggestions on a good wheel...
  39. T

    98 explorer suspension torque spec.

    1998 Ford explore sport v6 4.0 sohc 4x4 automatic Hey im getting ready to replace my upper control arms/ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, lower ball joints, camber bolts and leaf springs and shackles as well as doing a TT is there any torque specs I should be aware of? all my suspension...
  40. E

    Completely stock 2nd Gen, want bigger tires and a lift!

    Completely lost on where to begin, I want to fit maybe some 33s on it, I was thinking a 3" lift, my mind says suspension if the but my wallet says body lift I would really love for my Explorer to look like this one, any help would be appreciated!