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  1. B

    3” front 2” rear strut spacer lift issues

    Hello all, new to the community. As a former mechanic I just want to say how much of a pain in the rear this install has been, took awhile but finally got it but now I am noticing a lot of issues. My strut/coil is rubbing against my spindle on the driver side and I am getting all kinds of abs...
  2. J

    Lifted 2007 Ford Explorer 4x4

    2007 Ford Explorer 4th Gen 4x4 2.5" Lift Firestone Mud Terrain Tires LED Headlights LED Halo Fog Lights Tennessee Contact:
  3. J

    Coustom drop brackets!!!

    Need some help did sas swap on my 1994 ford ranger 6" lift,it's all done,problem is radius arms to much of angle.I need some drop brackets where can I get some please help me Some one said to talk to a user on hear james copykat??? Not sure
  4. M

    Death wobble

    This morning driving to work I was going 45-50ish and switched lanes and right as I did I got a pretty heavy wobble in my steering wheel. It was enough that I had to slow down to control the steering wheel. Once I picked up again and got back up to that speed it was fine. I just put on a set of...
  5. M

    Trimming to fit tires

    I recently bought a set of terra grapplers from a friend so I bought some wheels for them and when I put them on my truck I wasn't able to turn the steering wheel all the way. I would have to trim some of the bottom of the fender to make them fit. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions...
  6. C

    has anyone sas the rear yet???

    looking to sas the rear of my 03 4.6 looking to see if anyone has done and how hard was it :salute:
  7. A

    1994 Ford Explorer

    Hey, I'm Ashley. I am an owner of a 1994 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer. It sets pretty on 33' Micky Thompson wheels and 10' Micky Wheels. Lifted with a 2' suspension as well as a 3' body lift. Many more plans for my baby.
  8. Sheepdogg

    2000 Sport for sale

    I have my 2000 Sport for sale. I wish i did not have to let her go but I do. Here is a list of mods and specs........ Warrior Shackles Torsion lift RLC Bumper Rhino lined Tuff Stuff 9500K winch wired and wires controls RCI skid plate 17x8 Black Rock 997 rims Kenda Kleavers 32x10.5x17 matching...
  9. W

    Help with plans for future mods

    Admin, if this needs to be moved please do so, I think I'm in the right spot. Ok, so I have a 1997 Merc Mounty 5.0 AWD with 180k miles on it that I've owned for a little over a month. I've had an idea of what I'd like to do with it once I can get some money, and after managing to drift it...
  10. M

    What I got

    I got a 92' ford explorer with a 3 inch body lift and 2 inch leveling kit on it. It's got 33 swampers under it and 2 12" subs in the back. 4x4 doesn't work right now but I'll fix it pretty soon. :D
  11. 9

    transmission help

    i recently lost reverse and first gear in my explorer. i have a 94 ford explorer with the 4.0. my friend has a 90 ford bronco ll that he said i could have the transmission in it for free. would the 2.9 auto tranny in the bronco two work in my 4.0 explorer?
  12. R

    another wheel question.

    hey explorer forum!,:exporange im looking to get new wheels for the explorer really soon, but im having a hard time trying to get help from tyre shops here in australia as well in america, im trying to get some 16x8" kmc xd enduro wheels in a 0mm offset, but im wondering if this rim makes...
  13. R

    Shackle/TT twist help

    I'm new to lifted trucks, so after reasearch I bought warrior 153 shackles to lift my sagging explorer. I have not had time to put them in yet but I scaled them up to the stock and I noticed, the stock barley clear the tow package hitch. Anyone know if they'll fit??? I also was wondering if...
  14. N

    Tires! Goodyear Dura-trac VS Falken Wildpeak

    So I have narrowed my search for tires down to 2. Goodyear Wrangler Dura Trac in a 31x10.5x15 Falken Wildpeak(Rocky Mountain) 32x11.5x15 So my question is which one would you guys go with? my explorer is getting a 2 inch lift and will be able to handle the 32x11.5 but the dura trac only...
  15. N

    help! 1993 ford explorer gearing. 3.27 gears with 31x10.5

    With 3.27 gears what is the biggest tires i can run without terrible change. I want to keep my mpg and acceleration somewhat the same. I just wanna be able to driver on the freeway still. If anyone could help itd be awesome. Maybe 30 inch tires? Just wanna make this work without regearing...
  16. L

    Lifted 93 Exploder XLT Project

    Relatively new to the forums here as I am, this is one of my first posts. I recently bought a 93 lifted explorer off of a guy I live close to. He had it for a short period of time. He installed a 4 inch Rough Country lift and threw a set of 33 inch by 10.5 inch Super Swampers. Some rusty areas...
  17. 9

    clicking in front end

    i have a 92 sport 2inch lift and 32x11.50's on 15x10in wheeles i recently relpaced wheel bearings on both sides of the front end and the outher day the front end started making a quiet ticking noise while turning left. anyone know what it might be?
  18. X

    Want a 1 or 2 inch lift, keeping it cheap though

    I'm kinda new to all of this lifting stuff, but i have a stock 2000 explorer v8, Eddie Bauer, with a Mac intake, and i want to lift it 1 or 2 inches using the stock rims. I've seen people say they used Shackles and TT. If someone could give me a place where i could buy these and lift my...
  19. H

    SAS Explorer- What will work best?

    Hopefully will be starting to collect some part to start a build, I live in Washington State with a width restriction in many places of 80" I'm looking to do a SAS so what axle is the most straigh foreward swap? I've heard of it being a 77 Bronco. Will the width remain the same and how staright...
  20. S

    Cheap Lift?

    Does anyone know of a way to get a cheap lift? i really want something more to my 02 Limited but i want it cheap if i get it. any links for me to check or anything? thanks! :)
  21. F

    NEW CHOPPED NAVAJO UPDATE-----what ya'll think?

    Here she is.....shes come a looooonnnngggg way
  22. M

    can u get a lift for a 2002 explorer xlt

    can u get a lift for a 2002 explorer xlt? please help me
  23. C

    Lifted 3RD Gen pics Wanted!!! knobby tires

    I need some ideas for my 3rd gen x. help would be much appreciated!!:navajo:
  24. O

    Many problems/some answers?

    Here is the layout. 91 Ford Explorer Sport 4X4 auto w/4.0 V-6. Mods are as follows; home made and aftermarket suspension lift totaling 10 3/4" front/10 1/2" rear, 3" body lift, 33X12.50X15 tires on 12X15 rims, headers (Pacesetters-suck-bad fitment), free flow exhaust, kind of catalytic converter...
  25. ParkerOfFrisco

    X lynx

    KEEP IN MIND, EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS IS FROM MY BUILD ON ANOTHER SITE, SO ITS PRESENT TENSE WHEN I DID IT....BUT, IT SHOWS FULL BUILT MORE OR LESS. so, i decided to obliterate my truck in an attempt at making something better. so far so good, im happy to say. this is blackfoot(what i...