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    Noisy valve train

    Greetings all: I am sending this note in for general info. I saw a youtube vid called "Seafoam. I can't believe what it did to my engine". The guy in the vid Seafoams an old Ranger. I am presenty driving an 05 ram 1500 with a 3.7L gas engine. The darn thing sounds like a diesel powered...
  2. P

    2003 V6 4.0 Tick, sounds better after warm up

    I have a 2003 XLT 4.0 SOHC V6 with 210,386 miles on it. The engine starts up great but makes a loud ticking sound. I'm assuming it's the hydraulic lifters and that they are gunked up. The sound usually gets quieter when the engine is warmed up, leading me to believe that it is quieting down...
  3. L

    Ticking sound on acceleration 2013 V6

    I recently went in for an oil change approx 1,000 miles ago and have noticed a ticking/clicking sound when accelerating in drive(I can not duplicate while in park). I checked the oil level and it's within the acceptable range. It is some what loud and definitely noticeable that it's coming from...
  4. 2

    Bad lifters? Pushrods?

    Hey everyone, my X has been making a weird noise now for about 10k miles, since I installed the stock IAC a year ago(it had the wrong one before, from the 5.0) Well I've researched quite a bit and the only things I've seen are bad lifters/pushrods. The noise is like marbles in a can, it's not...
  5. T

    New lifters, prime or bleed?

    I'm currently replacing my rockers and lifters with new parts and been trying to read up on lifter installation procedures. Some say that the lifters should be primed and some say that they need to be bled. So what should I do, prime or bleed and why?