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  1. E

    Hi, I need help with my sport trac. My Driver side rear brake light/ turn signal is not working.

    My 3rd brake light and passenger side brake light as well as my turn signal on the passenger side work. The reverse lights work. I have replaced both sides with new lights and there’s nothing wrong with the fuses as far as I can tell. Can anyone help me out with this?
  2. C

    Power windows dont work anymore!

    Hey everyone, I've had a 1 owner 01 explorer for just over a year now. It had an aftermarket alarm that was nothing but problems, so I removed it and bought a factory key fob. Works fine. But now after remove the aftermarket alarm my windows, dome lights, and entry lights do not work. Any help...
  3. J

    Exterior lighting dilemma

    Hello all, I appreciate any help I can get on the following issue. Background: I have a late build 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0. I recently changed all the exterior bulbs (minus the headlights so far) to LEDs. After replacing all the bulbs I made the mistake of changing the flasher, to an...
  4. V

    2016 Base, no marker lights?

    hey all. I’ve scoured the internet looking for answers and even called a few ford dealers to no avail. My 2016 Base model explorer marker lights don’t function at all. I’ve checked all fuses, the manual, the settings in the car, even called ford and they say that the lights should be working...
  5. S

    Courtesy lights gone crazy

    Hello all! I've been using the sight for some great advice and now have a unique(maybe) problem I can't seem to fix. 2002 Explorer XLT. The only way my courtesy and puddle lamps will illuminate when opening the door or using the fob is if the interior dimmer switch is turned to full off. So I...
  6. R

    Auto headlight and park light issue

    This has been going on for quite a while and I hope someone may have some insite. When it gets dark out and the auto headlights activate, the headlights come on and work properly but the parking lights and the interior dash/stereo lights turn off and on constantly. When the headlight switch...
  7. J

    Interior Light Replacement?

    Evening, I just went through my dash lights and got them all replaced with LED's, still pretty happy with those. I'm just wondering now as they're quite a bit brighter than the stock bulbs, how many other interior bulbs can I access and upgrade? Figured I'd start with my radio and shifter...
  8. E

    Projector headlights

    Ive been searching with no success. Im looking for projector headlight housings for my 2003 ford explorer xlt before i bake mine and do a retro fit id much rather find ones made or that work. Anyone know of any place that carry them or of any interchanging models. I came across the 98-2001 ford...
  9. C

    Check out my updates to lighting

    48 inch LED Break Bar LEDGlow 15 inch interior under glow LED license plate lights
  10. N

    LED lightbar install

    hey guys, I found a good deal on a 22 inch lightbar, and I want to mount one in behind my grill, anyone done this before? Is 22 going to fit? Im out if town and not near my X, its a (05 XLT) if anyone has any suggestions, tips, etc or even a picture with the grill off so I can grt an idea if...
  11. B

    Offroad lights install in grille

    Just was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how they mounted their off road lights behind the grille. I have been thinking about it, but I can't really figure anything out.
  12. L

    Taillight Tint

    I've undertaken some various vinyl wrapping / tinting projects, and one of the hardest parts is getting precise cutouts / cutlines. The only way to do it properly involves a decent amount of graphics work, and finding a shop with expensive machines to cut it. Furthermore, the initial setup fees...
  13. S

    interior aux LEDs and fixtures

    Never realized how addicting lighting improvements is. After HID heads and fogs, blue puddle, license, and map lights, I have a bunch of spare LEDs that I want to play with. I'd like to put LEDs in front footwell and under second and third row seats. It's easy enough to add a switch and use...
  14. 0

    Will tail lights from 2006-newer explorer fit a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and at a loss. Mountaineer tail lights are becoming harder to find in my area and I was wondering if tail lights from a similar year explorer will fit? Or if anyone could point me in the direction of finding aftermarket tail lights for 2006 or newer mountaineers. Thank...
  15. A

    2013 Fog Lights

    Hi, I am new and have a question about the fog lights. The only way I can turn my fog lights on is to push the button when the headlights are turned on. Is there a way to have the fog lights come on automatically when the headlights are turned on?
  16. J

    Raptor lighting for '03 explorer

    I tow a lot of things with my '03 explorer that are wider than 80 inches, and based on what I've read, law requires some sort of identification lights, and the best way i know how to do that, since it would look pretty strange with huge truck cab lights on the roof all the time, i was going to...
  17. L

    interior LEDs REPOST

    hey guys still new so i just figured out the pictures, just changed my map light and dome lights over to LEDs. just wanted to show you the finished project. was not to tricky to instal, just had to get the LED polatity right. the map light was a bit tricky to change as well. but here is the...
  18. K

    Reciever hitch/ aftermarket fog lamps question

    I just bought a 2002 project explorer. It is the V6 XLT, and came with basically the base trim package for the exterior, and the completely pointless 1" receiver with 4-prong plug. My first question is... what does it entail upgrading to a factory 2" receiver with the bigger plug? Does the...
  19. T

    Map/Dome Light Housing Fitting--- HELP!!!

    My brother recently got a 1996 explorer xlt. There were no bulbs in map light (light by digital display on roof in front seat) After buying new bulbs I realized I must be missing a part that the bulbs to go on. I searched for hours looking for the name of the plastic housing fitting, but just...
  20. F

    Adding 2 more Fog Lamps

    First off, if this has been discussed, please provide a link :) Ok, I would like to be a little different and use the stock fog lamps from say a 1996 Explorer XLT and install them on my 1999 XLT. Mine already has the standard fog lamps which are placed on both the far right and far left in...
  21. V

    Melted Liscence Plate socket

    Hey there guys im an extreme lurker here haha. Anyways long story short I went to change my liscence plate bulbs today because they burnt out. I opened one to find the little rubber piece melted. This puzzled me so I checked the other side with the same result. So here I am giving a heads up to...
  22. D

    Help with Retrofit Source light kit for 2011 Explorer

    Live in the Atlanta area and picked up a Retrofit Source light kit just before Christmas. The guys there seemed very cool and they had lots of interesting lighting projects in the works. Anyway, finally had the time to install the kit today and thought I'd followed the directions to a T; they...
  23. jcerrion

    Accessory Lights - Exterior?

    Has anybody added accessory lights to their X? Im thinking about adding some small ambers behind the grill to get a similar look to the Ford Raptors. I dont want anything like off road bright, just something small to add a little style. If any one did add anything pics would be great...
  24. R

    Places to Mount Aux Switches

    I have a '98 Explorer XLT with aux lights on my bull bar. Also I have lights on my roof rack. I need a good place in the car to mount some switches. Any idea? Thanks so much.
  25. S

    Help needed with light cluster

    I am hoping to find out exactly how many LEDs are needed to replace the light cluster behind the speedometer rpm meter etc. I am planning on replacing all the LEDs, including the one behind the 4x4 chooser, thermostat, washer, all LEDs behind the wheel and in the center console. Any info would...