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  1. E

    Mystery Port

    When looking for the port to install my brake control harness, I came across another port on the left hand side of the driver's side. It was behind where the 3 button panel is (liftgate, tow, park assist). I do not have the park assist on my 2016 explorer xlt. Pic of the grey port below and a...
  2. M

    Diod, Modules, Hood release,

    Is there any reason I can't replace the two little diods under the hood, located in the fuse box? I just pulled my lamp out module on Red and than another off an explore at a junk yard. They both are brown in the same area. Is there a way to refurbish? Or anyone know an inexpensive place to...
  3. C

    Courtesy Lights Don’t Work

    Hey! This is my first post but I’ve been lingering here for awhile. I’ve been to numerous sites and checked pretty much all threads on this forum and I haven’t found anything. I don’t know if this is important or not, but I do have an aftermarket fob. It’s a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT. When I open...
  4. S

    Hello and a question.

    Hello! Ive been a frequent lurker of old threads sifting through different guides and fixes for various problems. Ive finally decided to make an account so that I have more accessability and options on this platform. However, my 04 explorer has been having a strange issue that, thus far, I have...
  5. T

    Mall Crawler to Trail Crawler

    Mall Crawler to Trail Crawler Hey all! I have a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport. So far I've put in a 3" lift, reflex shocks, 18" steel rims, and threw some nitto ridge grapplers on it. She handles great on the trails but I want to add some more cosmetic parts for lighting and styling. The first thing...
  6. C

    2017 Explorer Civilian front head lights

    Hi everyone, I’ve been interested in trying to get my front head lights like the interceptor utility (or really any interceptor lights). Does anyone know if this is possible, is this a lighting module or the light itself? If it’s none of these can it be done with FORScan? If anyone here let’s me...
  7. T

    Help me I'm new lol

    Ok so I just started on here and tryin to figure out how all this works is driving me crazy already. I have a 97 Explorer 2 door 4wd it's all stock right now except my system going to upgrade that later on, I have alot I want to do to it and I'll take any and all ideas. Right now I'm wanting to...
  8. S

    Headlights flashing while car is off

    So i have a 2004 Ford Explorer 2WD, and my headlight/brake lights will occasionally flash while the car is off. It happens at random. i will go outside and see the lights flashing at the same rate a turn signal would flash. i usually unlock and lock the car again which makes the flashing stop...
  9. N

    No brake lights

    So, I am new here and looking for help. None of my brake lights are working on my 2002 Explorer XLT. I have replaced the bulbs and the Brake Light Switch and it has not helped. I can't seem to find a wiring diagram or a fuse box diagram that I can print out to see about tracing the wiring to...
  10. T

    08 Explorer XLT 4x4 No Turn Signals, relay clicking

    hello everyone. I’m working on a friends explorer and I am having difficulty diagnosing a no turn signal problem. We have running lights, but no turn signals lights, and no low mount brake lights. The top mount brake light works. All bulbs are brand new. And the indicator lights on the...
  11. F

    Lights not working

    My rear running lights aren't working same with the gauge lights on my 1991 explorer. I was wondering what could be the problem? All fuses have been tested and are working.
  12. M

    06 mountaineer hvac illumination stays on

    Hi, I have a 2006 Mountaineer with the 4.0. My problem is that the climate control illumination stays on at all times, even when the vehicle is off. This causes the battery to drain after about 9 hours. Also, when the headlights are on and the dimmer wheel is in certain positions, a buzzing...
  13. J

    2000 Explorer Fog Lights not Working

    This is an annoying problem that I just can't seem to figure out. I have hit a dead end trying to figure out how to get my front fogs working. I recently bought the car as a station car and would like to supplement the dim-as-hell headlights. Here is what I did to diagnose the problem: Checked...
  14. Rainlord

    How to access/open sidemarker lights

    I'm in the process of changing out all the old "standard" bulbs on my 2012 Explorer XLT with LEDs and so far so good. However, I'm now at the sidemarker lights (the tiny little lights just below the headlights, it's a w5w bulb according to the manual) and can't figure out how to open them or get...
  15. J

    2004 Auto lights not working

    Recently, the auto light feature isn't working on my Sport Trac. Manual lights works and running lights etc come on with auto feature. I tried a new switch and that didn't correct it. is there a relay that needs replaced? thanks!
  16. Indispensable Explorer

    Bull/Push Bar thoughts? Suggestions?

    So, running for more than an hour each week down a small, unlit, truck route has taught me that the lights on my beloved Explorer are pathetic. I don't have too much faith in the "upgraded" halogens or the aftermarket LED upgrades(too many bad stories). After some thoughts I landed on the idea...
  17. C

    LED tail/stop lights.

    Convertes al lights on my 96 XLT. Used white LED bulbs in the rear stop/tail lights. Also have new lenses. I though they would be brighter. I figured white would shine through the red lenses better. Now I'm debating on using red. Anyone have input?
  18. B

    2013 Interceptor Utility - flickering rear lights

    I have a 2013 Interceptor Utility that's experiencing an issue with intermittent flickering of all taillights. Yesterday I noticed my left tail light was flickering on/off (the LED portion), until the lights died when the accessory mode timeout hit. My friend told me today when following me...
  19. D

    Front bumper, grille, head lamps Ford Explorer 2016

    Used front bumper, grille, head lamps wanted for Ford Explorer 2016. Full accessory.
  20. J

    Interior Light Replacement?

    Evening, I just went through my dash lights and got them all replaced with LED's, still pretty happy with those. I'm just wondering now as they're quite a bit brighter than the stock bulbs, how many other interior bulbs can I access and upgrade? Figured I'd start with my radio and shifter...
  21. K

    Puddle lights not working

    Hello new to this forum I inherited a 2003 Ford Explorer LTD the vehicle runs great with a few minor fixes i.e. front wheel bearings and new tires. Just recently I noticed that ONLY THE DRIVERS SIDE puddle light is not working, I replaced the bulb but still nothing. no other problems with...
  22. M

    2005 Ranger Instrument lights won't turn on

    I am having a problem with my 2005 Ranger. When I turn on the headlights, the instrument and A\C dial lights don't turn on. I replaced the headlight switch, but that didn't help. I'm thinking it might be the dimmer knob next to the headlight switch, but those are expensive and I was wondering if...
  23. L

    Would these LED's fit?

    Does anyone know if these would fit my 1999 explorer? And if so, has anyone seen these in action? I wanna know how bright they get and whether to get blue or white
  24. D

    Both tail lights flash with turn signals

    I recently replaced all front and rear turn signals and the tail/brake lights with LEDs. I got an EP27 LED relay from Advance Auto, so there's no rapid flashing. The only problem is that now when I use my turn signal, both front turn signals flash (as if I had the hazards on) and both rear...
  25. B

    Offroad lights install in grille

    Just was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how they mounted their off road lights behind the grille. I have been thinking about it, but I can't really figure anything out.