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  1. S

    interior aux LEDs and fixtures

    Never realized how addicting lighting improvements is. After HID heads and fogs, blue puddle, license, and map lights, I have a bunch of spare LEDs that I want to play with. I'd like to put LEDs in front footwell and under second and third row seats. It's easy enough to add a switch and use...
  2. 2

    Lighted step ladders?

    Hi, I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find any info on the Eddie Bauer step ladders with the lights built in. Does anyone know what would be involved in installing some on my XLT? Is the wiring already there or do I have to do it myself? I currently have the mirrors w/ the lights that...
  3. S

    door ajar/ interior lights

    hey folks! i just got a 1992 Explorer XLT and the only issue is the passenger door ajar sensor or button is broken and always thinks that door is open. this is a problem because when the door is open the interior lights are always on. i took both sides apart just to check it out and the driver...
  4. 0

    Weird multiple electrical issues, not MFS

    Hello all, I've been having a special kind of electrical issues w/ my 02 explorer for a while now, and think I would like to try & fix them, and any & all help is and will always be appreciated!!! I will start off by saying that it is not the Multi-Function Switch (MFS), as I just changed...
  5. D

    Where to put the wires? Overhead Off-Road Lights

    A friend recently hooked me up with 2 pairs of Blazer International C9002K Baja lights. It comes with wires and they're even jacketed. I'm planning on mounting the lights themselves to the front of my gear basket on the roof of the Explorer. What I was wondering is where you guys have run...
  6. W

    Need help troubleshooting trailer light issues

    I borrowed a trailer today and the owner of the trailer had it hooked to a Tacoma and the lights on the trailer work great (headlights on or off). Hook up to my Sport Trac and I get the following: Truck Headlights off: Trailer - brake lights work Trailer - left or right blinker causes both...
  7. J

    LED running lights?

    Okay, so they make these things for the focus with LED's installed in them: I was wondering that hopefully someone knows if they make a version of these like that that are high quality: Any help would be amazing! :D
  8. E

    Roof rack mounted marker lights?

    I want to add lights to my explorer, does anyone know where I can get a cab marker light bar that mounts to the roof racks, it has 5 orange lights and resembles regular marker lights and I can't find one
  9. E

    Left turn signal stuck on

    While I was working on my truck I hopped into it to start it then when I stepped out I slipped on ice and hit the turn signal lever (turning switch) now even when it's in the off position the left blinker is flashing. When I try to make it go right it still says left. The one thing that stops it...
  10. R

    Off Road Light Question

    Hi everyone, Im new to the forum but will be a very active member now that Ive finally gotten my 2007 explorer xlt. Its the dark green V6 with tan leather interior and 3rd row seating. Ill post some pictures later, its completely stock right now. Okay so I have a question, well really 2...
  11. J

    need help with lighting !!!

    so i recently upgraded my interior lights to blue LED as apposed to the shitty stock yellow ones, also did H.I.D fog lights,blue LED under my side mirrors and third break lights.... I'm now looking to do the reverse tail lights in blue LED, but I'm unable to find them on any site i order the so...
  12. willzilla

    2nd GEN Overhead Interior LED Swap

    This is a variation from the very good and informative post Interior Dome Light LED Conversion (PICs) by MustangP51. His post didn't really detail much on wiring and provide a ton of detail on the backseat and cargo lighting and also went the much cooler and more complex method of building his...
  13. N

    no right flasher at night. fine in the day.

    I have tried pulling codes and all codes passed, I pulled fuses and nothing helped. during the day both flashers work fine nothing wrong. but the problem is when I turn the head lights on, the right flasher on the inside of the car is permanently on(solid not flashing). the left flasher works as...
  14. P

    Need Cluster help!

    Hey guys I need some help. So today I pulled my instrument cluster out and replaced the five 194 bulbs with LED's. All my cluster lights worked before but now the lights on my tach dont come on. It looked like there were smaller bulb sockets surrounding the main 194 bulbs but i didnt pull them...
  15. B

    Dash Dimmer Switch out-fix it yourself

    I found this very informative youtube video: Its for a 1996 Explorer but is the same for a 1995 to 1997 Explorer.
  16. 0

    Problem with DRLs and gauge cluster lights

    I just noticed yesterday that my DRLs were not on while i had my headlights on. I figured i may have blown a fuse, so i checked it, and the fuse looked fine but i went ahead and replaced it anyway. Well, still no DRLs. So get back in my explorer and realize my gauge cluster lights are not on...
  17. K

    new to the page

    whats up everyone one new to the forum i just bought a 94 ford explorer 4x4 had a couple modification questions how high can i go on lift without haveing to change anythings and maybe a cool color change on my dash any ideas (typical jack of all trades ) i work on my own vehicles so i have some...
  18. willindsay

    How to: Christmas Lights! 120v to 12v DIY

    Well after Christmas I had an idea that I might be able to convert some of the 120v strings of lights that were on sell to work off 12v to decorate my car next year. Turns out it's very easy. I found some instructions online but the site has now gone down so I decided to do a write up for...
  19. D

    dashboard + overhead lighting?

    My battery gauge dashboard light, and my cruise control light went out on my 98 explorer. And honestly i am putting alot of money into my explorer i am currently putting in another engine and fixing some rust spots of body and since im doing this i just wanna make it look cool and just some...
  20. D

    Need new center console arm-rest!

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum I've been looking around all day on mods I can do with my explorer. I'm currently putting a new engine in mine and have decided to keep it for a while. I enlisted in us marines so I want to keep this vehicle here and don't plan on ever getting rid of it so I'd like...
  21. J

    Homemade roof rack

    Hello, just thought id do a write up of how I made my roof rack! The roof rack is full length and width, with respect to the roof, ill get measurements eventually... I used 1/2 inch conduit and a flux core mig welder. What you need: Around about 60-70 feet of conduit = 6-7 pieces at 2$ each...
  22. D

    1999 Explorer Sport New audio system help

    I have a 1999 Explorer sport which I am planning on updating the audio system in, so far I have decided to go with as follows.. -Head Unit - Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD -Speakers - (x4) Sony XS-GTX6932 GTX Series 6"x9" 3-way speakers -Subwoofer - (x1) JL audio 10W3v3-2 10" 2 Ω ---Will be going...
  23. L

    Interior Overhead Lights Fused (2000 Merc Mount)

    Hey guys, I've browsed this forum for years because I love my Mountaineer and really enjoy checking out what people around the world do to their Explorers/Mountaineers--it turns out today I'm having a problem I can't seem to resolve: I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer V8 Premier. I was...
  24. D

    How to decipher GEM module #'s & letters

    Couldn't find a thread showing what the different numbers and letters mean on a GEM module on here. My '95 4door 2wd 4.0 shows a gem of F57B-14B205-BF "F" I figured that the 2nd digit (5) is the year, after that its all Greek to me! I also saw some GEM's listed for 4x4's with all the same...
  25. S


    So I'm also looking to do some exterior add-ons for my 1997 Ford Explorer Sport as well. Heres my question, I'm looking for cheaper but not low grade equipment so help me out by telling me what to get specifically(name brand, type, etc.) from this list of ideas: Safari Roof Rack with light rack...