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  1. M

    My FYI Switchbox

    OK, so FYI in this case means "F you, idiot!" :salute: I had this on an old car and will likely make another one for my Ex. I ran 3 sets of lights and an electronic airhorn. My headlights were bright, but nothing too bright. They were simply whiter than the stock. I'd have people flipping...
  2. Z

    HIDs for 2005 EX

    I'm looking to install some HIDs for my driving and fog lights on my 2005 Explorer XLT. The brighter the better. Anyone have any suggestions on a brand I can order online and do myself? Post pictures of yours if you have them so I can get a good idea of how they will look. Thanks
  3. J

    Lights Remain ON at all times

    Hi, on my 02 XLT Explorer I'm seeing that lights are ON all time (day or night). Sensor is not even sensing or if it is, lights are not turning off during daylight time. Before, when this system was working properly, right after the key was removed, lights remain ON for few seconds, now light...
  4. P

    My bumber set up, maker of bumber James Cal

    I got my bumper painted and put on with the lights high lift and the winch had to do alot of fabbing to get everything to get in sung but it worked out great hopfully im pictures come in good.
  5. G

    1998 Explorer Trailer Lights

    Hello everyone, New to the forum. I have seen many posts for related probelms but not for the one I have. I have a problem that I just haven't been able to figure out in my hours of working on my explorer and several more hours searching the web. I have a 1998 Explorer and I no longer...
  6. S

    no reverse lights

    So new problem with the black hole explorer. i have no reverse lights and i cannot for the life of me figure out why. Ive checked the fuse for the lights and the lights themselves and nada. it has to be one of the switches. my buddy told me its the neutral safety switch, but Im leaning more...
  7. M

    Warped rear lights

    I got my lights (front and rear) tinted about 3 months ago and this past month I've noticed they've warped at the top... I have no idea how this happened and I was wondering if anyone can give me a clue as to what happened :( Here's how the lights looked about a month ago...
  8. S

    Rack Lights

    I have 4 lights I'm installing on an extra rail I got off another 98 explorer like mine. I was wondering what the best way to run the wires is. Any suggestions?
  9. E

    Weird intermittent dash light issues

    I have a 95 eddie bauer. The all the dash lights usually work. Just lately, i have noticed that sometimes the "automatic" and "off" button on the auto climate may or may not turn on when turning on the light switch. I will be driving for a while and suddenly they will turn on if they were off...
  10. P

    Electrical, alternator no output? Wiring? searched threads no lights windows etc

    Bare with me this will be a long post. I searched extensively and tried most everything I could find. This is on a 97 mountaineer awd 5.0 - It sat for a year bacause transmission went dead. I finally got a used trans. installed. Put in a new battery and after 1.5 hour drive the abs light came...
  11. CamDJClimited

    Sonar Smoked Tail Light Question Please Help!!!

    Hi all on the Forum! So...I just got pulled over by a hard @** cop, and he said my tail lights are illegal because they aren't DOT approved. I see his point becuase they don't say anywhere on the housing that they are DOT approved. He said they can be smoked, but since they don't say "DOT"...
  12. T

    Exhaust/Lights Suggestions?

    Hey guys. I am new to the site and just want to get out there and ask a question. I've got a Black '06 Eddie Bauer 4x4 v8. Although it is a great SUV, it is a kind of luxury vehicle. My plan is to drive it until its out of date and then turn it into off road. But for now I have a great sound...
  13. J

    How to take instrument cluster off a 93 explorer, properly?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum, so if it takes me a while to respond, I apologize in advance. I'm still figuring everything out. It wont take me long! Ok, so my question is how do you take the instrument cluster off a 1993 explorer. What i'm looking to do is take the cluster off to change the...
  14. S

    Help needed with light cluster

    I am hoping to find out exactly how many LEDs are needed to replace the light cluster behind the speedometer rpm meter etc. I am planning on replacing all the LEDs, including the one behind the 4x4 chooser, thermostat, washer, all LEDs behind the wheel and in the center console. Any info would...
  15. L

    1997 Ford Explorer Fog Lights?????

    Does anyone know how to modify the fog lights so i will be able to have them on while only the park lights are on? Thanks, Semper Fi :salute:
  16. A

    Problem with Dash Lights

    I cant get my dash lights to turn on. I replaced the light switch. Then I checked out all my fuses and then just got done replacing the bulbs. Is there a relay or something that I'm missing?
  17. N

    Interior shifter column lights not working 2006 eddie bauer

    Hi, Im having a issue where my interior shifter column lights are not working. My All my other interior lights are working properly, dash,overhead, map, radio ect. Its not a fuse under the hood or dash. The only thing i have been able to gather from some research is that the bulb is not...
  18. M

    GEM, Fuse, or something else?

    First so bio data. 2003 Completely stock Explorer Limited. So here's the newest problem. One day, about a month ago, I go to get out of my truck and remove the key and notice that the radio was still on. Immediately I was slightly puzzled as I exited the vehicle still hearing the radio being...
  19. 9

    new lights on the explorer (bar)

    heres the pics lights and switches in a kit 20 bucks new longer bolts 3 bucks more wire zip ties and connectors 10 bucks time 4 hrs ignore the old fart in the passengers seat its my uncle lol
  20. C

    '95 Eddie Bauer

    In the system check feature, I keep on pulling a headlight error. The turn signals work, caution lights, and both bright and lows work. Any ideas?
  21. N

    Interior lights wiring diagram?

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the interior lights of a 95 Limited or a truck with a similar setup? I'm looking to add an on/off switch under the dimmer control to disable the interior lights.
  22. S

    Help with headlights

    i want to get blue headlights for my 2005 Sport Trac. will these work in the current housing, or will i need to get a new headlight kit or something? http://www.autoanything.com/lights/73A5246A0A0A1926730.aspx http://www.streetbeatcustoms.com/Luminics/Halogen-Bulbs/Pure-Blue-Bulbs/549694/
  23. T

    Lower brake lights don't work

    Hi, New to the forums but I've been reading for like the last week or so about my issue and have yet to find a fix so I'm making this thread. Here's my issue: My 98 Explorer XLT doesn't have working lower brake lights. The upper one at the top of the back window works while driving but...
  24. willindsay

    Reverse lights always ON.

    Yesterday I found that I had no bulbs in my Reverse light sockets. (Just bought the car less than a month ago). I looked up the bulb number on this site and then wen to AAP and bought some put them in and tested that they worked. Well today as I was leaving church a buddy of mine txted me and...
  25. H

    2000 Explorer Sport Fog Light "Mod"

    Well ive been looking around for awhile and cant seem to find a way to mod my fog lights so that the fogs stay on with my high beams and running lights i have some pictures of my relay boxes for reference if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it allot here is the relay by the air...