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  1. M

    2021 Explorer Limited, a couple of problems.

    I am the owner of a 2021 explorer limited AWD with barely 12,500 miles, since I bought the vehicle in December 2021 it has had problems filling the vehicle with fuel, sometimes it could do it several times a month or even last months without the problem occurring, a few months ago it began to...
  2. P

    2013 Limited Gremlins

    My 2013 Limited has had a myriad of problems over the years, so let me just make it quick with what has been repaired or replaced thus far. In 2020, I had to replace the PTU twice due to the first one leaking and the second one cracked on the bottom of the unit. I also had the primary belt and...
  3. A

    Help to replace Chrome strip front bumper 2018 limited

    HI just checking if needs to remove all the front bumper to replace a broken chrome strip or can be done from the outside. IMG 414 BC00 A385 E 1 — Postimages
  4. S

    1996 Australian spec limited edition modified

    Hi all! I'm a British traveller. With my visa coming to the end in Australia I had to sell my beloved Explorer affectionately named Pat. She was bone stock when I bought her, with broken sway bar links and worn out shocks - drove like a boat and it was pretty scary on highways. This was the...
  5. E

    Bought 2019 Explorer Limited after returning Edge lease, good decision?

    I am pretty sad that I found this forum a few days after signing some papers for a preowned 2019 Explorer Limited. I was leasing a 2019 Edge and had 16 months left, and knew I wanted an Explorer because my teen kids complain about not having enough space in the Edge. I had done some research...
  6. B

    Speaker Upgrade for 2021 Limited with 12 Speaker B&O System

    I have a 2021 Limited with the 12 Speaker B&O System. Sadly, I liked the Sony system in my 2013 Sport much better. I don't plan on going crazy and I'm only going to replace the front door speakers because I only have it loud when I'm by myself. Does anyone know how much the amp is pushing to...
  7. P

    Plenty of issues 2013 limited

    first of all, i would like to apologize for not capitalizing anything as my shift key is broken. i have a 2013 explorer limited that i purchased two years ago with 120,000 on it. i had the common propane smell and jerking during acceleration and the dealer replaced the leaking ptu free of...
  8. C

    Extra parts if anyone wants

    Hey guys I finally scrapped my 1993 Explorer Limited. It was still running well but had finally succumbed to rust after spending every year since 1994 driving in northeastern Indiana salty winters. I have a garage bench full of parts that are brand new, and some that I pulled from the truck...
  9. R

    Limited Wheel Color

    Hey All, I'm trying to find some paint to touch up the curb marks on my 2014 Explorer Limited. Does anyone know the paint code/where I can buy? Thanks Rob
  10. J

    PTU / Transmission

    11 explorer limited 4WD. Have recently experienced what I think is transmission slippage/shutter at highway speeds when accelerating to pass a vehicle. Description of a hesitation and lunge 3 or 4 times before kicking in to pass, not really a Jenking action. Then last night at a steady 55 mph...
  11. F

    Hello from New(ish) member, happy new owner

    First off, this forum has been a great to place for me to learn more about Explorers and what comes when buying one. I joined last year when I was thinking about purchasing, did a lot of reading - but not much else, and that's my bad! Fast forward and I ended up with a 2007 Sport Trac 4WD V8 and...
  12. R

    New Member

    Hello all, just bought a used (163km) 2013 Explorer Limited and got some good tips from some of these threads already. I've never owned a Ford vehicle before so I'm sure I will be using this page a lot.
  13. C

    Re-build or just solenoids?! P0741 & P1741.

    Hi guys! First time posting here but I am a long time reader... let me give a little background into my situation. I bought my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited about 5 years ago with 150k. She currently is at 188k. I recently took a road trip about 2 hours out of town. When I got into town, I stopped...
  14. A

    95 limited 4.0 PUSHROD swap with99 SOHC

    1st off, I apologize if this is posted previous. I am losing my vision and have hard times at times trying to read. So I have a 95 limited 4.0 PUSHROD. For almost the last year it has pretty much run like crap. I have changed many things and with vision loss also comes the frustration of not...
  15. Flashflood

    Limited mudflaps

    Hey guys just wondering if I could find these mudflaps there's a limited 2nd gen. That has these really cool mudflaps that have the white ford emblem and then it says Explorer under it
  16. P

    2015 Ford Explorer Limited stalling at intersections/idle

    Hello all, Explorer is at 82000 miles and have had no accidents. I am currently in a pickle. I am having an issue with my explorer stalling in dangerous spots. I will be driving in the morning, and typically in intermittent stop and go traffic, after about 25 min of driving, my car will start...
  17. R

    New one from Kazakhstan

    Hey guys, I am one of those people on the planet who own Explorer. I have 2007 4.0 Explorer with 4wd Limited. I am very far from all of you :(, on another continent. More than 20 hours of flight. :confused: Would be glad to meet everyone.:D
  18. R

    2002 Explorer Limited 03/02 rear glass gas lift

    I am searching for the proper replacement lift for my explorer. I think they were replaced once and tired of hitting my head on the glass. (I'm 5ft11in tall) fully extended 19.25 in, 18.5 center to center. Seems to be a few options and looking for the best replacement. Thanks, Jack
  19. L

    Hood Steam

    Curious question, and I'm sorry I won't be able to provide a picture as I simply couldn't get the steam to show up adequately on a photo. To make a long story short, any time I drive somewhere in the rain (in my '13 explorer limited AWD v6) and I remain in the vehicle at my destination with...
  20. F

    HI! I need help with Wheels and Tires!* 2017

    Hi! I have a 2017 Limited Explorer in Burgundy! I can't wait to read about what others are doing with their rides!!
  21. R

    Wondering about plasti-dipping 03 Limited chrome wheels

    Im new to the forum, but enjoying reading it so far. I was thinking about plasti-dipping the wheels on my 03 Explorer Limited. Mine has the chrome 17' wheels. I wanted to see if anyone else has had it done on these wheels, so i can get an idea of what they'd look like. Heres a pic of what mine...
  22. A

    Whistling sound (2013 Explorer)

    Hello!! There have been a few posts in the past, but I cannot find a definitive answer on this problem. Can anyone please clarify? My 2013 Explore makes a whistling sound as the speed reaches about 30-40 mph. There have been posts in the past that describe the sound exactly. Here's one: Does...
  23. C

    08 Ford Explorer 5r55s transmission part? Need Help.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and first time owner of a explorer. I just recently bought one with a bad transmission. When I tore it down for the rebuild I noticed there was a rod broken underneath the reverse servo it holds the reverse band strut in place. I can't find this rod anywhere does...
  24. R

    03 Explorer whine when starting up.

    About a week ago i had the transmission replaced in my '03 Limited. Everything was great, until yesterday morning when I turned it on and heard this loud whining noise. It would go away after about ten minutes of driving, and the car feels normal as usual. I just dropped it off at my mechanic to...
  25. S

    07 sport trac v8 - new board member. Some Minor issues. Need help

    Picked up an 07 sport trac a few months ago. 74000mi it was a "water damaged" vehicle. i was scared when i was told that. Friend of mine went with me to look at it that is a grease monkey gearhead. Truck outside was pristine up close after they washed it. Went to fire it up. click click, lol...