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    Bought 2019 Explorer Limited after returning Edge lease, good decision?

    I am pretty sad that I found this forum a few days after signing some papers for a preowned 2019 Explorer Limited. I was leasing a 2019 Edge and had 16 months left, and knew I wanted an Explorer because my teen kids complain about not having enough space in the Edge. I had done some research...
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    Speaker Upgrade for 2021 Limited with 12 Speaker B&O System

    I have a 2021 Limited with the 12 Speaker B&O System. Sadly, I liked the Sony system in my 2013 Sport much better. I don't plan on going crazy and I'm only going to replace the front door speakers because I only have it loud when I'm by myself. Does anyone know how much the amp is pushing to...
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    Plenty of issues 2013 limited

    first of all, i would like to apologize for not capitalizing anything as my shift key is broken. i have a 2013 explorer limited that i purchased two years ago with 120,000 on it. i had the common propane smell and jerking during acceleration and the dealer replaced the leaking ptu free of...
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    Extra parts if anyone wants

    Hey guys I finally scrapped my 1993 Explorer Limited. It was still running well but had finally succumbed to rust after spending every year since 1994 driving in northeastern Indiana salty winters. I have a garage bench full of parts that are brand new, and some that I pulled from the truck...
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    Limited Wheel Color

    Hey All, I'm trying to find some paint to touch up the curb marks on my 2014 Explorer Limited. Does anyone know the paint code/where I can buy? Thanks Rob
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    PTU / Transmission

    11 explorer limited 4WD. Have recently experienced what I think is transmission slippage/shutter at highway speeds when accelerating to pass a vehicle. Description of a hesitation and lunge 3 or 4 times before kicking in to pass, not really a Jenking action. Then last night at a steady 55 mph...
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    Hello from New(ish) member, happy new owner

    First off, this forum has been a great to place for me to learn more about Explorers and what comes when buying one. I joined last year when I was thinking about purchasing, did a lot of reading - but not much else, and that's my bad! Fast forward and I ended up with a 2007 Sport Trac 4WD V8 and...
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    New Member

    Hello all, just bought a used (163km) 2013 Explorer Limited and got some good tips from some of these threads already. I've never owned a Ford vehicle before so I'm sure I will be using this page a lot.
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    Re-build or just solenoids?! P0741 & P1741.

    Hi guys! First time posting here but I am a long time reader... let me give a little background into my situation. I bought my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited about 5 years ago with 150k. She currently is at 188k. I recently took a road trip about 2 hours out of town. When I got into town, I stopped...
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    95 limited 4.0 PUSHROD swap with99 SOHC

    1st off, I apologize if this is posted previous. I am losing my vision and have hard times at times trying to read. So I have a 95 limited 4.0 PUSHROD. For almost the last year it has pretty much run like crap. I have changed many things and with vision loss also comes the frustration of not...
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    Limited mudflaps

    Hey guys just wondering if I could find these mudflaps there's a limited 2nd gen. That has these really cool mudflaps that have the white ford emblem and then it says Explorer under it
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    2015 Ford Explorer Limited stalling at intersections/idle

    Hello all, Explorer is at 82000 miles and have had no accidents. I am currently in a pickle. I am having an issue with my explorer stalling in dangerous spots. I will be driving in the morning, and typically in intermittent stop and go traffic, after about 25 min of driving, my car will start...
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    New one from Kazakhstan

    Hey guys, I am one of those people on the planet who own Explorer. I have 2007 4.0 Explorer with 4wd Limited. I am very far from all of you :(, on another continent. More than 20 hours of flight. :confused: Would be glad to meet everyone.:D
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    2002 Explorer Limited 03/02 rear glass gas lift

    I am searching for the proper replacement lift for my explorer. I think they were replaced once and tired of hitting my head on the glass. (I'm 5ft11in tall) fully extended 19.25 in, 18.5 center to center. Seems to be a few options and looking for the best replacement. Thanks, Jack
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    Hood Steam

    Curious question, and I'm sorry I won't be able to provide a picture as I simply couldn't get the steam to show up adequately on a photo. To make a long story short, any time I drive somewhere in the rain (in my '13 explorer limited AWD v6) and I remain in the vehicle at my destination with...
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    HI! I need help with Wheels and Tires!* 2017

    Hi! I have a 2017 Limited Explorer in Burgundy! I can't wait to read about what others are doing with their rides!!
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    Wondering about plasti-dipping 03 Limited chrome wheels

    Im new to the forum, but enjoying reading it so far. I was thinking about plasti-dipping the wheels on my 03 Explorer Limited. Mine has the chrome 17' wheels. I wanted to see if anyone else has had it done on these wheels, so i can get an idea of what they'd look like. Heres a pic of what mine...
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    Whistling sound (2013 Explorer)

    Hello!! There have been a few posts in the past, but I cannot find a definitive answer on this problem. Can anyone please clarify? My 2013 Explore makes a whistling sound as the speed reaches about 30-40 mph. There have been posts in the past that describe the sound exactly. Here's one: Does...
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    08 Ford Explorer 5r55s transmission part? Need Help.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums and first time owner of a explorer. I just recently bought one with a bad transmission. When I tore it down for the rebuild I noticed there was a rod broken underneath the reverse servo it holds the reverse band strut in place. I can't find this rod anywhere does...
  20. R

    03 Explorer whine when starting up.

    About a week ago i had the transmission replaced in my '03 Limited. Everything was great, until yesterday morning when I turned it on and heard this loud whining noise. It would go away after about ten minutes of driving, and the car feels normal as usual. I just dropped it off at my mechanic to...
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    07 sport trac v8 - new board member. Some Minor issues. Need help

    Picked up an 07 sport trac a few months ago. 74000mi it was a "water damaged" vehicle. i was scared when i was told that. Friend of mine went with me to look at it that is a grease monkey gearhead. Truck outside was pristine up close after they washed it. Went to fire it up. click click, lol...
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    2004 Ford Explorer Limited Middle Console Swap to Seat

    Hey guys, new to this forum. I've had the middle console removed from my explorer for a couple years now, and all that remains is the mounting bracket over a hole in the carpeting. It doesn't look very neat, but it's not the worst thing in the world. Anyways, I've been digging around the...
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    Accessing cabin fuse box??

    So I've read all the threads and I can actually see the fuse box. The problem is there is a huge cover going over everything and I cannot physically get my hand into the fuse box. Is this a 2013 thing? It is bolted on so doesn't look very easy to remove. I don't even know the purpose of this...
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    Faded interior door panels

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this or has any advice. I have an '07 limited with the "camel" interior, and the plastics on my driver & passenger doors are sun faded at the top. They look a little chalky, like the UV from the sun has gotten to them over the years. Is...
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    2011 EXP LTD BD 06/02/2011. 1000 miles. Burnt oil smell during hard acceleration. This is easily repeatable and happens every time. Well now we have another confirmed issue with my LTD. Under hard accelerations coming from an on ramp and merging with fast moving traffic only. Other wise, all...