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  1. D

    2006 Explorer Grey AC Line Mystery

    The AC works fine until I accelerate. Accelerating causes the AC front blowers to dip and not blow any air. I hear a hiss from behind the glovebox, and AC doesn't return until I take my foot off the gas. Checking behind the glovebox, all connections seem sound. Looking under the hood I found...
  2. JSWarrell

    How to: Fuel Vapor Line Repair (EVAP)

    So this is more of a "How I did it" rather than a How-to, but I decided to fully document my repair as I found no info on this before. I don't know how helpful this will be for 91-92 owners, but I'm guessing the only real difference in the systems is that the vapor canister is in a slightly...
  3. 2

    Best way to relieve fuel line pressure?

    I’m going to attempt to change the fuel filter on my 2000 OHV and was wondering how to depressurize the fuel line. I’ve read that unplugging the inertia switch and then cranking the engine until the fuel runs out, is the best way. I’ve also read that removing the fuel pump fuse and then cranking...
  4. A

    Steel Brake line ABS to front wheel

    I have a leaking front brake line from the ABS pump to the front brake line on my 95 Explorer. Does anyone know what style flare (i.e. bubble, double flare) and line size I need to replace it?
  5. M

    PS Pump leaks all fluid HELP

    I recently had my power steering go out on my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited Edition 5.0 It all a sudden stopped working and I can see where the leak is coming from. Can I just replace the one line that is leaking or do I need a whole new pump. Also will it hurt the vehicle to drive it w/o PS...
  6. K

    2001 Explorer XLT EVAP LINE

    Does anyone know where to buy evap lines for the above explorer. My guy called ford and said they are discontinued. Thanks
  7. M

    Fuel Filter pissin' me off....

    So.... I go to change my fuel filter.. Easy enough, right? WRONG. This is what my filter line looks like.... So.... How the heck, right? I got one of those "special removal tools" to make it easy... The freakin' tool doesn't fit between the filter and the push lock...
  8. M

    PS Pressure Line Leak!

    Hey guys! My stock PS Pressure Line was spraying fluid all over the place... so naturally, I got a new one and replaced it. The new one has been working fine for about a week now... but it just developed another leak! Luckily, this leak isn't from a tear in the rubber hose... it's actually...
  9. One bolt connects the brake line to the caliper.

    One bolt connects the brake line to the caliper.

  10. astaroth

    Front to rear brake line

    HI I was replacing my rear drum brakes when i noticed a leak in rear brake lines. Replaced them all, also new rear brake hose. The hose and front-to-rear line connection was so rusted (the connection in the bracket), there was no screw to screw.. :) Well the line broke and now i need a...
  11. B

    98 EGR tube (4.0 V6 OHV)

    Greetings all, searched the forum for this, didn't find anything so if someone has any info or if this has been discussed help a brother out. Got a 98 XLT V6 OHV, 115K miles. I have a new EGR valve I'd like to put in. I'd fixed my lean codes by replacing all gaskets and vac lines on my...
  12. F

    1999 Ford Explorer:Braided fuel line that leads into the fuel filter

    I was recently trying to remove my fuel filter when i accidentally ripped the braided fuel line leading into the fuel filter in half. I cannot find this line anywhere, it seems to be about an 8 inch segment coming from a metal line which goes back to the gas tank. Can it be removed from the...
  13. A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

    A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

  14. Ridgid 27018 model 2006 tightening a stainless steel flexible line.

    Ridgid 27018 model 2006 tightening a stainless steel flexible line.

  15. Behind dash access with gauge lines

    Behind dash access with gauge lines

    show the behind dash access with gauge lines installed.
  16. Transmission cooler line

    Transmission cooler line

    1st Gen transmission cooler lines are heavily rusted.
  17. Brake and fuel line rust

    Brake and fuel line rust

  18. Brake line near gas tank

    Brake line near gas tank

    Rear brake line with gas tank lowered.