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  1. J

    Well dang! It happened.

    So I was gone for a bit, the wife got a recall letter for my ol' 2013 interceptor, thought she was going to do me a favor and took it in... Dealership took all my fun away, re-tuned, changed out my heavy duty equipment and Neutered it. Runs like a Limp noodle now... Anyone know what the...
  2. Joel Cady

    For Sale 2017 Ford Explorer Sport 19k miles

    Low mileage, adult owned and tastefully modified 2017 Explorer Sport. Modifications include: H&R lowering springs on Bilstein shocks and struts, Livernois 91 octane 3 bar tune includes tuner box to change tunes (approx. 465hp/465ft/lb), 20”x10.5” Velgen Wheels wrapped w/ 295/45R20 Hankook ST-06...
  3. E

    ISO Livernois tuner 2013

    Looking for a Livernois tuner for a 2013 Explorer sport. Trying to see if I could get one cheaper than $600. Thanks
  4. J

    towing performance

    Hey folks- I've had the Explorer for almost 3 years now and just purchased a travel trailer (see signature). The Explorer does fine towing, but I'm getting 10-13mpg at best. I've been researching ways to improve gas mileage. So far, my ideas are: Icon AeroShield to improve...
  5. ggifford

    Livernois Windstorm Cold Air Intake

    Installed for just a few weeks. Perfect condition. Retails for $330 from Livernois. Offering it for $230 including shipping. I have original sales receipt if desired. PM me if interested. Here is the Livernois link: Thanks!
  6. G

    Ford Explorer Sport Fluids- Converting To Fully Synthetic

    So far I have called 4 dealerships with widely varying answers regarding fluids in my 2013 XSport. Maybe some of you can chime in (minus the pasive-aggressive "search is your friend" and "it's been covered in another thread" and "read your owners manual cover to cover, multiple times"). Let us...
  7. A

    Continued Performance Developments from Livernois Motorsports for the Explorer Sport

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Andy and I am one of the employees at Livernois Motorsports & Engineering that monitor our various message boards we sponsor. I am on member of a team of 6 people dedicated to helping out current, past, and potential...