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    2017 Heated Seat Control Module Location?

    Hello all, I bought my Explorer a few months ago, it was just under 3 years old and off-lease. No issues at all, seemed brand new. After just 6 months of ownership, though, the heated seats don't work at all now -- both sides. I've done a lot of research and narrowed it down either to the...
  2. T

    Headlight problems

    I have headlight problems in my 97 Ford explorer. When I checked the headlights, the side (orange) ones work fine when I test them but the main ones that are troubling me. I have a driver-side high beam that works, but not the passenger side. I have watched a video that helps but doesn't solve...
  3. I

    98 explorer cabin air filter

    Is there a cabin air filter on the 1998 explorer xlt v8, if so please tell me where I can find it. Thank you! :cool:
  4. P

    Accessing cabin fuse box??

    So I've read all the threads and I can actually see the fuse box. The problem is there is a huge cover going over everything and I cannot physically get my hand into the fuse box. Is this a 2013 thing? It is bolted on so doesn't look very easy to remove. I don't even know the purpose of this...
  5. D

    Ideas on Light Bar Mounting Location

    I'm thinking of buying an LED light bar, however, I can't seem to think of where/how to mount it so I'd like it. The main concern is, I can't have it on my roof if it's higher than the roof rack. I park in a garage on a daily basis and this is what limits me from lifting the Ex higher...
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    Found disconnected vacuum tube, where might it go?

    My 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4dr 4wd Auto 4.0 V6 has begun suddenly running rough and the check engine light comes on. It happened after I replaced the O2 sensor, when I was reaching behind the engine to get the O2 sensor wiring, and ended up pulling up that AND a vacuum tube from alongside the...
  7. J

    2nd gen aftermarket amplifier location

    I was wondering where you guys put your equipment? I not only have an amp in the back but i have a 15 farad powercore, line driver and remote turn on unit, so theres a lot of stuff. I was considering putting a piece of plywood under the carpet, glued to the actual floor that would allow me to...
  8. S

    Where's best place near dash to tap into 3rd Gen Reverse Signal Wire Black/Pink?

    I am looking for the best location to tap into the reverse signal wire somewhere under the dash. I need this wire for my back up camera so the closer I can find it to the radio the better. I've been searching and found that this black/pink wire runs under the door sill (driver's side OR pass...
  9. L

    Can't seem to find blower resistor on 92 Explorer!!??

    I'm looking to find the blower resistor because my AC switch only switches to high and i'v being meaning to fix now for a while. Its a 92 Ford Explorer standard 2 dooors also im new to this so yeaaaa. Thanks for any help.
  10. J

    Location of Camshaft Sensor for 98' 4.0 OHV V6

    Does anyone know where this is? I've read its on the back of the block, dead center. Problem is the back of the block is against the firewall and near impossible to see, even with a mirror. What does the sensor look like? Which way to access, top, bottom or through the wheel well? I'd love to...
  11. R

    Water Temp sensor location

    hey guys, well i bought an after market water temp gauge and i cant seem to find a place to install the sensor. i found my stock location but i dont want to just disconnect the original one. is there another place where i can install another temperature sensor? thanks, Tyler
  12. The location of the overload relay.

    The location of the overload relay.

  13. Z

    Where are the 97 Ranger ABS relays?

    I have been working on this 97 XLT ranger L4 2.3L. Having emission and abs problems. I have been googled to this site many times and have found it VERY helpful! Thank you all... I just got done with a temperature blend door replacement thanks to this site (of course i forget the poster). The...
  14. R

    Where is the Temp Sensor for my Overhead Console?

    :confused: I have replied to a few post. But never asked a question myself. I can't seem to find the answer to this one. Although I am sure it is on here somewhere else. I have an overhead console, that recently burnt out(but that is a different story, unless you have one for sale...
  15. P

    Oil drain plug location on '06 Explorer

    I just recently bought an '06 EB and it is time to change the oil. I just want to confirm that I have the proper location of the drain plug. Is it about in the middle of the engine area with the drain plug pointing to the passenger side. The oil pan is black and to the passenger side of...
  16. pass side

    pass side

  17. driver side

    driver side

  18. Alt. repair/replace.

    Alt. repair/replace.

    Four t-20 torx head screws secure the voltage regulator to the back of the regulator. It is possible to remove the regulator and brushes without removing the alt. But it is a pain and the chance of dropping a part into the housing is great.
  19. My Antenna

    My Antenna