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lock up

  1. Nomad767

    A4LD No TCC Lock?

    I have been having a few issues with my A4LD on my 92 Explorer. It had been having some weird issues with shifting when it is cold outside...i.e. taking forever to shift into the next gear until the tranny warms up. But now that the weather is warmer, it seems to shift about normal, but about a...
  2. P

    5R55E does not lock up.

    Ok, I got my cheap chinese ELM327 Bluetooth reader the other day. I ran it with 4-5 different softwares, freewares or trial, incuding "Torque" in my Android pad. None of the softwares have reported any errorcodes whatsoever, not a single one! Not even while O/D lamp is actually blinking...