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loose steering

  1. A

    Loose steering on 04 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6 V8

    Hi all! I have followed this site for awhile, it has helped me out a lot on fixing my Explorer. Has anyone had a issue with steering play that wont come out on the 04 Ford Explorer? We put a new steering box in, new intermediate steering shaft, new tie rods ends, new upper control arms and ball...
  2. J

    loose steering

    Greetings, We have a 98 Sport. This past weekend I lubed the lower ball joints and have felt considerable difference in the steering. Before the lube, the steering was tight-in other words, when we moved the steering wheel the wheels on the car moved. Well, I say that because now when we turn...
  3. F

    Body lift steering extension fix

    After installing the 3" body lift about 9 months ago I've had to go back and shim and tighten the steering shaft extension's top bolt several times due to excessive play. As you can see in the pic the shaft extender is simply a slug that fits inside of both the lower and upper steering shaft...
  4. MountaineerGreen

    List of Useful Threads MountaineerGreen's "How To" Writeup List

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