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lower control arm

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    Problem installing Torsion bar key isolator pads

    Hello so I started out swapping the lower control arms out,which led to removing torsion bar key in which I find out the isolator pads are deteriorated to nothing. I get some new pads now I'm ready to install but I'm having problems with the 5ton 2-jaw puller staying straight,I can almost get...
  2. M

    front end rebuild: mechaninc or DIY?

    I took my car to the dealership to get the transmission filter and fluid replaced. the service adviser said that I needed to get my left and right lower control arms and 2 ball joints replaced. about 320 dollars worth in parts from Napa Auto Parts. I went to got see my mechanic, Frank. He...
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    2011 Front Lower Control arm replacement

    Hi all ~ I've been a lurker for a very long time, have learned tons of tips and tricks on how to do things, what not to do, what to expect, etc. Super appreciative of everyone's help, even tho you don't know you've helped me. :) I have a 2011 Copper Limited, bought used in 2015. I have most...
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    Lower Control Arm Replacement

    Hello again! This isnt going to be a full write up as they already exist. I just wanted to throw out some of my experience I learned and couldnt find before I started this. First off if your bushing are as gone as mine were you will need new lower bolts. One was stripped the other snapped in...
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    Help. Replaced right CV axle and side mount won't bolt up.

    I hit a curb in my 2013 2wd limited. Broke the lower control arm and seperated the axle at the cv joint which broke the aluminum side mount right front. I ordered all my parts at the local ford house. Everything went back in fine except the mount and the cv axle mound won't bolt up. About 1" low...
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    Hello New member in serious need of help!

    Hello everyone! well I am glad I found this site! I am in need of some direction and any help that you guys can either throw my way or direct me to would be very VERY helpful. I own a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT AWD about 176k miles with the V8 5.0l engine. the last few days every time I drive over...
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    Torsion Bar conundrum!

    I'm in the middle of a lower control arm job and I'm having a huge issue with the torsion bars. I have a 1996 4x4 4l OHV. She's old and rusty. I had an enormous b*%ch trying to get the control arms off. The bolts were completely siezed, I cut them both and popped out the ball joint... I...