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  1. swshawaii


    @colestelter You have started FIVE "lowering" threads in one week. Please don't start any more on the same subject. To prevent confusion I have merged your five threads into two. Combined threads are sorted by date and time posted. Apologies for posts seemingly out of order.
  2. C

    body kits for the xlt and lowering (Two threads merged)

    I was wondering if there’s anywhere you can buy a body kit for the second gens i saw a few sites but they looked a little sketchy so if anyone knows where to direct me from there that’d be great. I was also wondering how to do any more lowering with blocks already in the back and the torsions...
  3. C

    Slamming 2nd gen (Three threads merged)

    3 inch blocks in the back and torsion bars loosened (i think they still need to settle). I want the back and front to be tucking tire, anyone know where i should go from here??
  4. T

    Help me I'm new lol

    Ok so I just started on here and tryin to figure out how all this works is driving me crazy already. I have a 97 Explorer 2 door 4wd it's all stock right now except my system going to upgrade that later on, I have alot I want to do to it and I'll take any and all ideas. Right now I'm wanting to...
  5. A

    A little suspension work

    hey guys, new to this forum. First of I would like to tell you alil about my EXP it's a 97 xlt 4dr 4.0L 2wd auto. block kit in the rear and cranked out the torsion bolts for a pretty even 2in drop all the way around. Also installed some 20X8 boss wheels with 255/50R20s in the rear and 245/50R20s...
  6. T

    03 explorer torsion bars

    From my understanding, based off of posts on this site torsion bars can both lower and heighten your ride by about 2" safely. Now I have seen some posts say all you need is a wrench/socket wrench while others mention specific tools like Arm-08. My questions are as follows: 1. Do torsion bars...
  7. Q


    i drive a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 I saw some older post on how to lower the front with keys. But I can't seem to find it. If anyone has done it or knows how to do it please let me know.
  8. B

    2002 Sport Lowering Springs

    I'm looking to possibly lower the front of end of my '02 sport about 2" and also hopefully soften the ride. All other suspension is 100% new including rear leaf springs.
  9. A

    new member in need of help with suspension ?

    ello my name is Nathan from schenectady ny im a owner of a 2002 explorer xlt 4wd im in search of where i could purchase a lowering kit or a set of lowering springs for my exporer im looking for a 2"-2.5" drop any information would be much appreciated
  10. 1

    Wanted - Flex Rear Coil Springs

    I'm looking for the rear stock coil springs off a 2014 Ford Flex AWD/Ecoboost. Both should be part # DA8Z5560C
  11. J

    sohc4.0 swap to 5.4 triton + Possibly more low?

    This is my first ever thread, so give me your thoughts. I have a 97 xlt 4x4 sohc 4.0, I never off road, and I live in the city. I want a v8, its as simple as that, 5.0 or better, but I cant seem to find a swap kit(crate engine, all wiring, water pump, ect.) SO how should I go about this. I was...
  12. H

    2002 "hulk" explorer project

    i have an 02 ex that I only paid $500 for... yes only 500... long story... so before any one ask why I don't get a v8 one r 2wd that's why..... now I want to know would it be best to have the 4.6 v8 r the 5.4 v8........ or should I beef up my 4.0L v6..... and I also mite want to lower it or...
  13. G

    A low from Alberta

    I'm the proud new owner of a 1988 Bronco II XL 2WD. I had been looking for a 1st Gen. Ranger short box regular cab, for a while, hard to find sound body without the regular Ranger rust. My search was for a project truck to work on with my kids, I was thinking RWD truck, and doing the 302 swap...
  14. E

    Lowering the Explorer

    Just thought I'd let you guys know... The lowering kit from Eibach (#35121.540) fits the Explorer 4x4... It was designed for the Ford Flex, but they both have the same springs (even though different Ford part #s)... At the SEMA show you may remember seeing the lowered Explorer with 22"...
  15. M

    New wheels, question about torsion bar lowering '99 Explorer

    Hey guys I bought my wife a minivan so now her stock '99 4 wheel drive explorer is my "daddy ride". So I bought a set of 20s for it and I like the way they look but I hate the fender gap. I know I know it's 4 wheel drive and it's a sin to lower it but I think it would look so much better...
  16. H

    Details on lowering kits for my 99' Mercury Mountaineer

    Hello, I have a 99' Mercury Mountaineer, v8, AWD. I was looking into lowering it, but i did not want to go for a full kit. I was thinking about getting lowering blocks. What is the max lowering blocks i can get. there is either 3inch or 4 inch. I plan on putting nice mustang rims to give it the...
  17. 9

    what would happen if you cut springs on a 4wd..?

    I have a 92 4wd ex and i dont have alot of money and idc about ride quality because its not a daily driver just my project im putting blocks on the clack and i want like a 4 maybe 5 inch drop. So i was trying to find out what would happen if i just cut my coil springs? PLEASE HELP !
  18. F

    1994 explorer front end lowering?

    I would like to lower my ex in the front 1" to go with the block spacers im going to put in the back but i cant seem to figure out how? i have heard of the torsion twist but mine has what appears to be no torsion bars?? please help! :(
  19. W

    lowring springs

    hey im new to this site!! im wondering if any one has installed canuckmotorsports lowering springs?? if so what do you think of them? any pics?
  20. A

    Ride Control Helpers

    I haven't found much through search about this question, so I'm going to see if anyone around has any clues: I'm modifying my suspension setup on my 1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I am putting softer springs in the rear, lowering the front end using the torsion bar adjusters, replacing all of the...
  21. X

    New 05 Explorer owner v8 baby need wheel and shocks advice.

    I own a v8 xlt... i am looking for a couple things... 1. I would like to get adjustable shocks like the land rover sport.. raise for ground clearance and lower for driving around town.... is there anyway i can do that?