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    Land Rover LR3 4.0L V6 Replace with 2008 Ranger VIN E

    Hi all... Have a 2007 Land Rover LR3 with the Ford 4.0L V6 SOHC and the infamous "timing chain" (rear) slip, am planning on replacing the engine with a 2008 Ranger 4x4 V6 from a wreck. Am going to replace the timing chains and gears with the Cloyes kit (including balance shaft) so it should be...
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    Land Rover LR3 SOHC V6

    Hi all, am from Red Deer, Alberta... Have just purchased a 2007 LR3 with the 4.0L V6 which apparently did not like the condition of the rear timing chain and decided to self destruct. I have done a lot of research and am going to attempt to either rebuild or replace most of the engine with a...