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  1. C

    Can I Prevent Servo Wear With Lucas?

    As some of you might be aware, I recently got my paws on a very beautiful 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer. It has a 4.6L V8 and the standard 5R55 transmission. It is 2WD. It has about 191k miles, but the engine and transmission seem to work perfectly. I was given it by my aunt and uncle in GA, and...
  2. K

    My 2004 Explorer Tranny Nightmare... hoping this Lucas will help.

    EDIT: Can a mod please move this to the transmission board. Thanks! /End Edit 2004 Stock Explorer - Purchased around 80k miles from the Ford Dealership. No clue if the ATF had ever been changed. Like a noob, I didn't change the ATF or filter when I got it. I just drove that sucker -- a lot. I...
  3. N

    Lucas transmission fluid trial/error 2002 explorer

    a lot of people wonder about lucas transmission fluid. i'll go into detail about my experience, feel free to posts some comments, i'm curious if anyone else have experienced this. Here's my story: my tranny started having a small issue last month when the odometer hit 157XXX miles. While...
  4. O

    Ticking from engine

    Hey this is my first thread I have a 99 5.0 explorer xlt I have been giving myself oil changes since 2004 just recently it began to tick speed increases with more speed So I put some lucas oil additive in with last oil change and now the ticking is louder than ever just wanted some advice...