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  1. S

    First time Transmission flush questions for an m50d manual

    Hey guys I absolutely love my 96 manual explorer and have done a ton of work to it this year and would love to keep it. Since I bought the truck 6 years ago I've always had a hard time shifting into 1st especially when it's cold or hasn't been driven for a bit. Lately my other gears especially...
  2. red.EDDIE.4x4

    M50D and BW 1354M for sale on craigslist

    found this ad the other day. really debated hard on swapping in the M50D but i just don't have the funding. anyway, its a crazy low price. the guy has it for sale as a rolling chassis for 350 bucks. its for sale in Tulsa Oklahoma. would hate to see this go to waste and used as scrap metal...
  3. 94fourdoor

    a4ld to Manual M50D Swap How-to

    Click here to go to the new thread with pictures! This is the old thread and since photobucket changed their policy, the pictures were dead links. I moved all the pictures and info to a new thread so it can help people for years to come. This is my rough draft of my first how to thread. I...