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maf sensor

  1. M

    Fuel related issue

    99 Eddie Bauer with 4.0 SOHC - 220xxx miles. For about a week now, it acts like its not getting fuel. It will start & run in the morning, but as soon as it gets hot, it dies. And won't start up again until it cools off. It also likes to die at idle, and sputter and backfire. When it does run, it...
  2. B

    OBDII Data | MAF 1.4 g/s with Engine OFF | Why Not 0.0 g/s?

    2000 Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0L SOHC, JOB 1, VIN E, 5-Speed Automatic O/D 5R55E, Manufactured 09/99, 145,000 miles. With the engine OFF, the OBDII data shows a Mass Air Flow Rate (g/s) of 1.4. I'm curious... why doesn't it show a rate of 0.0?
  3. M

    2003 explorer 4.6l exhaust leak

    i have an exhaust leak at the manifold, im getting 10-11mpg with regular driving and im getting 3 codes for the EGR, o2 sensor and maf sensor. could my exhaust leak be causing all of this? would cutting off exhaust(after o2 sensors) at least temporarily fix my issues?
  4. J

    OBD Codes 124,157,158,172,176,177,186,543

    Hi Friends, I'm brand new to this forum and to doing any significant maintenance myself. Please forgive my ignorance if it jumps up in the middle of a nice dinner and parades around the room yelling obscenities. I started having power issues driving old faithful across the west. Occasionally I...
  5. Z

    MAF sensor troubles.

    Okay, so I'm on my 3rd MAF sensor, and the problem still isn't resolved. When I'm driving down the road, it seems to run just fine. Getting started from a stop it feels quite hesitant, and it bogs down a little too. But if I give it more gas, it picks up and goes just fine. The problem is when...
  6. W

    CEL with code P0102 and already replaced MAF. Please help

    My 99 explorer 5.0 has CEL P0102 low voltage MAF sensor. I have replaced the sensor, the connector, throttle body sensor, IAC valve, gaskets and checked for vacumm leak although there seems to be a leak i can't find after the MAF sensor. What else can be causing this code? I can't get it smogged...
  7. S

    1996 Explorer 4.0L - My MAF sensor different can't find one.

    My MAF sensor is not located where YouTube shows it to be and it's different from those for sale on Ebay.. Mine is mounted in an ABS plastic housing right next to the air cleaner. It looks to be a permanent mount within secured by a rubber bushing. I've already taken it out and cleaned it with...
  8. T

    2003 Explorer Sport started hard, popped, died, restarted runs rough and terrible.

    Yesterday afternoon I went to start my 2003 Ford Explorer Sport (4.0 SOHC, Automatic, 2WD, 160,000 miles) and it popped; smoke came from under the hood. I assumed it was electrical; however, there are no noticeable charred wires or melted components. Upon opening the hood, there was some...
  9. C

    A Cleaning Plot Twist

    So the other day I was bored and I decided to clean out my air filter box (still stock with a spectre filter). Naturally, the previous owner of the car never did a thing to it so it was filthy. About 4mm of pure oil and grit all along the bottom of it. After cleaning that, I cleaned the sensor...
  10. D

    P0300, PO303, MAF sensor

    Hi, I've been posting questions regarding the same problem, and I'm not sure if I should start a new thread each time or not? Can someone please advise? The definite common denominator for my problem from all you guys is a vacuum leak. Obviously I have been unable to find it! I had P0300...
  11. J

    2000 Explorer MAF Help

    I have a 2000 Explorer, OHV 4.0 V6. Had the P0113 code in for IAT sensor. No check engine light, just the code in. Reset a few times and it comes back. Ordered a new MAF unit, old one has four pins, new one has six pins, and the plug has six wires. Has anyone come across this? Is the new one an...
  12. manousos

    99 Sport OHV - intermitent hesitation when warm

    1999 Explorer Sport OHV....the engine hesitates. Symptoms are: - Hesitation while accelerating, especially under load (uphill) - Hesitation is very sudden and jerky, and appears only when engine is hot and has been running for at least 30-45mins on a warm day, longer (2-3 hours) at night or...
  13. I

    MAP sensor on 2006 Ex 4.0?

    I threw a code yesterday coming home from work :banghead:, P0108 -MAP sensor.....however Im being told (through various searches) that this Ex doesn't have a MAP sensor, also advance auto did a search for MAP sensor and they couldn't find one for my SUV it said "refer to MAF"....I called my...
  14. E

    Idles weird when stopped.

    Hello, I just bought a Explorer XLT 94 it idled weird when driving in general so i started running diags. on it and i went and replaced the air filter and fuel filter and also the cap and wires and plugs now idk what to do next it is running alot smoother but it still bogs down when i am...
  15. S

    96 X 4.0 Idles too high

    I have searched and found some great info on setting idle. 2000streetrod has a great post detailing all the steps to follow. So here's problem. Idles too high (1000-1200RPM) 1. I enlarged the holes of the TPS and set it to 0.96V at closed. (It was 0.74V) 2. I cleaned the MAF sensor with...
  16. A

    Which wires are the (IAT) wires on a 2.9L 1990 Ranger?

    I got a chip for my Ranger and don't know which wires are which... IAT or MAF. Which wires are IAT and which wires are MAF? Your reply is MUCH appreciated. I'm just trying to get my truck to run better, the chip was a B-Day present and now I can't install it, lol. Thanks for reading, please...
  17. S

    TP Sensor and MAF

    ok, i have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT. at first i was having problems idling in park. the car would under idle and shut off if i did not keep my foot on the gas. i searched these forums and found out it was the throttle position sensor possibly. i switched the TP Sensor out, but it continued with...
  18. A

    MAF keeps slipping

    I pulled out the MAF to clean it a month or two back but the rubber boot doesn't seal tight enough and stay in place anymore. Every few weeks or so it slips out of place and the car seems ot run rough when it does. Any tricks or solutions to get it to stay in?