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    4.6l high mileage reliability and maintenance?

    I have a 06 eb v8. Just wondering considering all the vvt issues these modular engines have, such as phasers, tensioners, guides, solenoids etc. How reliable are these 3v engines realistically. Mine has about 185k on it right now. Timing has never been done. No ticks or anything like that. I of...
  2. C

    Maintenance Expectations 150k - 200k 4.0

    Thank you in advance for all of the help this forum has provided to me over the years with my Explorer! I'm a recent member (already posted on "new member" forum). I am trying to budget what my maintenance costs will be in the next 50k miles for my Explorer to see if now is a good time to part...
  3. V

    Flushing PTU with seafoam/Diesle?

    So does anybody have any experience getting the PTU squeeky clean with flushing it? or if any one has any input on if flushing a ptu would do more harm than good that would be helpful. I have already drained and filled the ptu 3 times but put a camera up there and i see a lot of sludge. should...
  4. T

    First post. Thoughts please? Front left whirring

    First post although searched many issues the last few years I've owned my x. 2003 limited v8. 232k miles and counting. Been fighting what has seemed to be a wheel bearing noise the past few months. Usually do most of work myself but had a known trustworthy mechenic do a rear left bearing a month...
  5. M

    Maintenance Schedule Input

    Second post here. I picked up a 98 V8 AWD Mounty in November of last year with about 138K miles. It seems to have been well taken care of, and only a little rusty (Virginia rig). My goal with this rig is another 20 years. My current planned maintenance schedule is here below - I'd love to...
  6. S

    Spark Plug job on Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost

    I've got a '15 Explorer Sport with 108k miles on it. I've noticed the gas mileage has gotten pretty bad, averaging 13MPG city. Anyway, its overdue for spark plugs, so that's what brings me here. I've looked around via google and some forum searches. I've found instructions/videos on how to...
  7. B

    Get out of my Acura MDX for an Explorer?

    Hello everyone. Brand new to this forum. I'm the owner of an '05 Acura MDX that will not die. No major issues but I'm thinking about replacing it with a 2016 or newer Explorer and putting my son into the MDX. I do pretty much all the routine maintenance, including all fluids, brakes, hoses...
  8. M

    2002 Explorer Maintenance Help

    Hello all! I'm looking for suggestions and perspective on my DIY maintenance efforts. Hopefully, providing more information will be better than less. Some background: I started working on my wife's 2002 Explorer, after we got married last year. It is the XLT V6 4x4, and has about 123k on the...
  9. C

    Preventative maintenance list?

    Hey new member here and I was looking for some insight on some preventive maintenance items/parts I should change. It's a 1997 ford Mercury Mountaineer with 228,600+ miles. These are some items/parts I've changed not all where preventive maintainace like the AC system. Spark plugs and wires...
  10. C

    Can I Prevent Servo Wear With Lucas?

    As some of you might be aware, I recently got my paws on a very beautiful 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer. It has a 4.6L V8 and the standard 5R55 transmission. It is 2WD. It has about 191k miles, but the engine and transmission seem to work perfectly. I was given it by my aunt and uncle in GA, and...
  11. N

    Rear Hatch Question - 2008 XLT

    Hi there, first post here on the forums. We have an 08 XLT in the White Sand color, I believe. It has a bit of damage, but I believe our worst damage is in the rear hatch, where there's a massive dent. It happened while my brother was moving the ex, and he made a mistake and misjudged on a...
  12. J

    Ford Explorer 1995 maintenance

    Hi, Just got my truck working after 3 years of sitting at the parking. It was the antitheft system that f..ked up... So a dealer bypassed the system. So i wounder. Its a 1995 ex with auto and the OHV engine I have changed oil and flushed the engine. But i will need to do the trany and the...
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    Free Shipping, Trucker Cap, and Tote Bag.

    We currently have free shipping on our whole store. If you spend $50 or more you will get a free trucker cap and bag. Be sure to add the cap and bag to your cart followed by applying the promo code: explorerforum www.blue-powered.com is a new family owned small business. If you don't see...
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    Because I apparently cannot find it.. Things to check on Explorer.

    I have had my truck for a little while now. 97 explorer 4.0 xlt SOHC. Because I cannot find anything, im posting in here... What are some thing to check before getting the truck on the road? I have no maintenance records from the previous owner.. I've heard of balljoints going. but they seem...
  15. C

    New owner. Wading Camchain & Maintenance Advice !

    :uk:Hello. I've just got my first Explorer (a 1999 OHC Automatic AWD). It's only on 90k miles (with full ford service history) and after a recent test run to France I plan on keeping it for a while. Seems to be doing about 24 (UK) MPG on a run! It came with a couple of things I wasnt expecting...
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    Maintenance after Lift and Tires?

    I see alot of talk about regearing your truck after upgrading tire size, im going from stock to 33x10.5s with a TT/Shackle and body lift. My question was is there any thing i need to do after the lift and tires to make sure no damage is done to my truck and that its running at full potential...
  17. K

    no rear brake presure on my 91,000 mile explorer

    ive been driving my explorer with little brake presure and today i drifted right before getting to the intersection. my wife and my 10 month old daughter were with me. im not scared to drive it like that. i assist the brakes by down shifting. i need to get that fixed quick but the parts are costly.
  18. H

    Plz Help A Girl Out w/'05 Ford Exp. AdvanceTrac ABS Problem or I'll Die..Not Really:)

    :roll:My 2005 Ford Explorer out of nowhere one day a couple of months ago, decided to start rumbling shortly after I put it in drive after reversing out of my driveway I proceeded to turn it off and when I turned it back on again it did the same thing, so I decided to drive slowly to see what'd...
  19. C

    Fuel Injector service recommendation

    My Ex is at the dealer right now getting some warranty work done and the SA calls me to let me know the 15k mile fuel injector cleaning is recommended. Seriously? Is this normal? I've never heard of that frequent interval on my German cars. What do you think?
  20. E

    Change Your Plugs!

    I recently bought a 1995 ford explorer eddie bauer and it has been a good vehicle so far. It hasnt ever run real smooth though, it didnt seem to have a lot of power and it didnt get good gas mileage (18mpg avg for half and half city/highway). Well I decided to change my plugs and wires just for...
  21. R

    any advice on balljoints?

    :rolleyes: plan on putting new lower ball joints on the X thursday. tmrw im going to get penetrating oil and let everything soak. I already read the writeup on changing them - but other than freezing the balljoints before hand is there any advice you guys could give? such as what caused problems...
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    Inexpensive lift...help.

    Hi We just bought a 1993 xlt and a 1991 Eddie. For family fishing, hunting and camping as well as winter daily driven. We wanted to combined the 2, replace worn part with quality. We want to keep "Eddie" going for another 20 years. The basics, drums, discs, bearings, ball joints, pumps...
  23. C

    Grease for 4x4 hubs?

    I'm in the Northwest and looking forward to some wet, snowy, likely slushy/salty conditions and when the weather is good in the future, I found a recreational spot that requires passing through water up to the hubs. The grease in my manual warn hubs around the o-ring dust seals look grungy...
  24. P

    Job1 PCV Valve.

    So i found out today that I have a job1 sport trac. I need to change my PCV but can't find the part anywhere. I even went to my local Ford dealership who are idiots and didn't know that there was a difference in job1 and 2. Can anyone point me in the direction of this part? Either a store or...
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    Problem Changing Serpentine Belt

    I have encountered a problem when attempting to change the serpentine belt on my 2002 4.0 V6 XLT that I connot find any mention of previously in this forum. I followed the conventional procedure of using a breaker bar (18" long) in the tensioner to swing its pulley and release tension when...