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  1. C

    Can I Fix Exhaust Manifold Leak With Thermosteel Or Another High-Temp Cement

    I have an exhaust manifold leak on one of my 2000 5.0 Explorers. I am nearly certain that the leak is coming from the exhaust manifold gasket. I really don't want to take the manifold off and risk breaking bolts or studs trying to get it apart. I've had enough trouble with bolts that are...
  2. M

    Intake Manifold Firewall Bolt Stripped

    I am working on my 2005 Ford Explorer XLT to change the fuel pressure and temperature sensor which is under the upper half of the intake manifold. Based on what I have discovered, there are 8 total T30 Torx head bolts securing the upper half of the intake manifold. I managed to get off 6 of...
  3. R

    Torque Specs Intake Manifold and Spark plugs

    2004 v6 4.0 SOHC (EBauer Trim). Searching for consistent info on what the torque specs for the upper intake manifold eight bolts are. The CD guide that I have has conflicting info, as the bolts shown are the Isolator bolts (9S479), but not the long threaded end bolts that are used to hold the...
  4. J

    99 5.0 Intake Vacuum Diagram

    I just finished digging down to put in new intake manifold gasket and replace some cracked vacuum hoses. Fire it up and will not run. I found that I have left a vacuum line open but have no clue what goes to it. Really don't want to yank this intake again! Does anybody have a good...
  5. T

    What Caused This?!

    So I was fixing this... and I noticed this... how would I even go about fixing this?
  6. M

    HELP!! Explorer misfiring why!??!

    Hello world, I just recently went through changing all the spark plugs and wires in my 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0. One week later I'm leaving work and 2 minutes down the road the truck bogs down and shuts off. Takes me 20 minutes to get started again after multiple attempts. Finally got started and...
  7. A

    New member needing some help

    Hello everyone I have a 98 SOHC V6 in the UK and it is running very rough on cold start ups. I've replaced the PCV valve and the idle air control valve which did make a difference, albeit for the engine to rev quite high every time it's started hot or cold. Is there any suggestions on what I...
  8. V

    Where is my coolant leak coming from?

    I have a '94 Navajo w/ stock 4.0L V6. I have a serious coolant leak that I suspect is coming from the lower intake manifold and hopefully not a corroded or cracked one. The vehicle was dry until I filled up the radiator so there is no extra pressure on the system and you can see where the water...
  9. M

    Engine Tick or exhaust system?

    Hey there! First off, let me start by saying that I am so proud of where ExplorerForum has come! The website looks great, and the community is bigger, better, and more active than ever! Let's begin... For a long time now, I have had an oil leak. I would put 2 quarts of 5W-30 in, and about 3...
  10. S

    metal intake manifold 4.0 sohc

    I am going to start the process of detailing my engine bay. I am making a cover that bolts on to the inner fenders and goes around the back to cover the bulk of the wires and unsightly component. I will also be adding some chrome accessories. I was wondering if there was a compatible aluminum...
  11. L

    exhaust system,

    Hey guys.. I 've been sayin that I had a small exhaust leak it, it sounded more like a "flutter" cause the compression was finding this "leak".no one else could hear it &Thought I was nuts,had to go outta town last week for 2-days, 502 miles one way.About 150 into it, I found out I now have...
  12. X

    trying to buy manifold not sure which one

    hi guys im trying to buy a manifold intake from ebay... not sure which one.. nedd to supply info to the seller seller : Do you electric PCV or Heated PCV valve.If your vehicle have a regular Vacuum hose going to the PCV valve .615-175X is the correct super auto manifold kit for your vehicle.
  13. E

    Best Intake Manifold Gasket - 2001 ST SOHC, Job 1

    I have a 2001 Sport Trac Job 1 (June 2000) with SOHC 4.0. I have 0171, 0174, 0301, and 0302 codes. I had a smoke test done and confirmed there is a leak in the upper intake manifold gasket. What is the best replacement gasket? I see gaskets from Fel-Pro (MS90890), Magnum (MS18037), and...
  14. R

    New member, problems already!

    Hey forum new member here. I'm a 22 yr old from TX. I just bought my first Ford today. A 2007 Ford Explorer with the V6 80,000 miles. After the 20 mile drive home I noticed some dripping under the car. I began prodding around the engine closer and saw a puddle dead center of the intake...
  15. J

    Intake Manifold crack on 4.6

    Hey everyone, I already did a search and read a couple posts regarding this issue. Just wanted to get a quick answer as why this happened. The side plastic from the intake manifold cracked. The hole is about 3" x 1.5". Wondering why this happened and would this show some kind of...
  16. H

    Vacuum Issues

    I have a 1998 Explorer with a recently rebuilt motor 4.0 SOHC V6 (intake manifold was not replaced) 2 wheel drive that about 75% of the time sucks air so hard from the line (small 3/8" or 1/2" id hose) that goes from the air filter housing hose (large 3" id duct style hose that's preformed) to...
  17. J

    Home made headers

    Hows everyone doing? So I've been looking into either making or buying headers. It looks like a cheap set of headers is about 250, I can make a set for approx 120-150... so its cheaper to make. Assuming I dont mess anytihng up :p. The other thing is I like to build stuff and well this falls...
  18. P

    Exhaust Manifold Bolts

    I just removed my cylinder heads off my 96 v6 explorer. Needlees to say either I rounded and had to cut some bolts, from the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head. They were different sizes and I am not able to find a set what will fit. Does anyone have the type and lengths of bolts need to...
  19. E

    Which Exhaust Manifold or header for 5.0?

    Which Exhaust manifold or header can I buy for my 5.0 L that will be an improvement over the stock ones and won't break my wallet? First, thanks so much to you guys that post AWESOME threads about fixing and improving your Explorers. (Yes I do search and read old threads to find answers...
  20. R

    Broken Manifold bolt 2000 Mountaineer 5.0

    hello guys....i have a 2000 mountaineer with 59k miles.... i changed my spark plugs this weekend and noticed that one of my wires (passenger side front) was dirty on the outside closest to the plug. after changing my plugs, i checked my manifold bolts (all rusty) and realized that one manifold...
  21. B

    smoking from rear drivers exhaust manifold??

    on a 1996 XLT 4.0(x) OHV ...something is leaking onto the exhaust manifold causing it to smoke from under the hood on the rear driver side. i cannot tell if it is oil or antifreeze nor can i see where its leaking from. it seems like it coming right up from under the last spark plug...
  22. CamDJClimited

    96 Explorer V8 Exhaust Manifold Question

    So I'm about to change the drivers side exhaust manifold, but I need to know can I do the whole job through the engine bay and wheel well? I know the bolts should come right out because I had my mechanic check the gasket a couple weeks ago. But can I do the job by just working in the wheel well...
  23. N

    EGR Valve Tube Leak

    My 2000 4.0 OHV has a leak in the EGR Valve Tube, it has been welded once, so repair is probably not a good option. I had a garage look at it, they are recommending replacing the LH Manifold, the tube, the EGR Valve, because everything is so fused together. One manifold stud is broken, they fear...
  24. K

    air intake still leaks

    Hello all. I'ce seen quite a few posts concerning the air intake manifold on the 4.6 v8. Through my research in this forum, I decided that I needed a gasket change rather than a whole new intake. However after changing the gaskets, I still have a leak coming from the same area. Directly under...
  25. 9

    In search of throttle body

    hey everyone, im looking for a 3" (70mm) throttle body for my first gen explorer. im lined up to possibly get my intake ported but im gonna need the bigger throttle body. Does anyone have a throttle body that will bolt up to the Ford 4.0L OHV that is 70mm and will sell it reasonablly priced...