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manual hubs

  1. M

    1994 Explorer 4x4 engaging while turning

    Hey all, I have a strange issue that happens while I am turning and re-center the wheel. While driving and returning the wheels straight the vehicle would dart slightly in the direction I was returning the wheel to. So left turns, would cause the vehicle to dart right just as I return to the...
  2. T

    Only Rear wheel turn in Reverse when in 4x4?

    That might be a stupid question from a new owner of a 1994 Explorer. I was doing offroad for the first time with my Explorer this weekend and i noticed that in reverse, even with the 4 high or 4 Low engaged, only my rear tires were spinning. Nothing from the front. I never had a Ford before...
  3. T

    Manual hubs for 4-Gen X or 2-Gen ST?

    hoping someone has a better answer than what i found. is it possible to get locking hubs for the front wheels? orange / brown wire mod is not nearly as effective for what i want to do.
  4. S

    For Sale 1998 Ford Explorer Limited Black V8 5.0 AWD 4X4 conversion 2nd owner

    Hello Forum members! I have been on this forum for a few years now and it's been a great help to me and my car! I figured what best place to sell my car, than the place that helped me so much in making it what it is today! 1998 Ford Explorer Limited 4 door V8 5.0 4x4 (converted from AWD)...
  5. O

    Wheel Bearing Replacement with Manual Hubs - Log

    So I was following Glacier's Brake job Diary as a reference while changing out my rotors, pads, and wheel bearings. Started as a wheel bearing replacement job, then figured it would be easier to just get new rotors instead of messing with replacing just the races (rotors still had some life...
  6. T

    Question On Manual Hubs

    I just acquired a 97 Ford Ranger extended cab xlt 4wd and I have a question? It has the electronic 4wd switch inside with manual hubs. Since I have not had a ford with Manual hubs before is it best to keep the hubs in locked or Free when the 4wd is not needed? Is there any benifits one way or...
  7. L

    Drive flanges?

    Is there a company who makes drive flanges for Explorers? I blew up a hub several years ago and am now in a position(out of school) to fix it up. I would rather not spend the money on manual hubs and I don't feel like it would be a big pain to take the flanges on and off every time I go off...
  8. Tbars4

    Solved Your Stock Auto/Manual hub info - Ranger / 91-94 X

    Your Stock Auto/Manual hub info - Ranger / 91-94 X /BII ...If you own a 90-97 Ranger or a 91-94 Ford Explorer with manual hubs, this is for you..:biggthump Manual Hubs _________________________________________________________________________________________________ ...Your stock Manual hubs...
  9. T

    Suggested top speed?

    Hello everyone, perhaps you can help me. I have a 94 XLT, and lock the manual hubs for getting around town in the winter. I run 4WD in town, but the highways are usually clear, so I then turn it off and run 2WD. The hubs are still locked of course, and I start to wonder how fast is too fast for...